Monday, July 11, 2011

{752} Crumb Quilt Top, Section 3

This measures 63" x 98".  I just need 18" more of width.  I hardly have any more blue scraps, but I will try to use them up.  Rachel and I are watching Bolt, but Sarah, Plain and Tall has been found!!  A double feature!!


{751} Solomon Was Not Arrayed Like One of These

Luke 12:27

"Consider the lilies how they grow:  they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these."

Pic from my yard along the driveway.


{750} Beginning of Back

This is the beginning of the back of my crumb quilt.  I figured if the front was made from all crumbs, the back should use up odds and ends as well.  Only one problem...I've never done this before!  First up to use up was the 10 extra flying geese I made that were supposedly needed for the border for the front.  I needed 138, counted 128, so made 10 more.  Oops.  These were a good start for the back!

Here was the progress after my second strip was added:

Working on strip 3 now, which is much wider.  I might get there yet.   Rachel asked if I would have a craft night with her tonight and watch Sarah, Plain and Tall.  Oh, yeah!!


{749} 17 More Motifs to Quilt

I worked on this puppy the whole way to FL.  I realized as we drove that most of this quilt was hand quilted on the highway.  Maybe I should change the name to Highway Hearts?  I sewed on it the last time Emily and I went to Florida, last week on the way to Ohio and back, and now to Florida again.  A good many of the blocks were appliqued in Florida when Wes and I went to Tampa.  Hmmm...

Anyway, all I have left to quilt is 17 more of the blocks where the 4 empty corners meet.  That is not much!  I already hand-sewed down the binding, so when the quilting is finished, it is finished!

Emily received her last quilt from me that was made for a wedding gift.  Then the last day I was there in Florida (Sunday) she asked me to make one of these for her.  I guess I will!  That is my favorite wall hanging ever (or at least tied with 10 others for first place).  She painted her kitchen nearly the same color as mine, so it will look splendid.  I'll get right on it, of course.  Hee hee...

In case you don't subscribe to my secret blog (just email me for the URL unless your last name is Parker) is a rundown of the quilts I gave her for wedding gifts...

Table runner (unfinished in picture):

Wall hanging (seasonal series):

Square table runner, hand quilted:

Octagonal table mat:

Throw-sized Christmas quilt:

Double-bed-sized quilt:

Wall hanging (one of seasonal series):

It seems I did not take pictures of them all.  Oh, well!  She has them!  There is another patriotic quilt that is the same size as the pumpkin and snowman ones to hang in the same spot year round if she likes.  I did find out that she took one of the quilts I made from some antique blocks...sneaky, sneaky! 

Rachel and I are having a sewing night, so that will be fun for us!


House Improvements

We had some home improvements done while I was in FL.  They actually started the day before I left.  A cement sidewalk from our front steps towards the street, a sidewalk parallel to the house, steps down to the garage, and a new slab in front of the garage (goodbye wet garage every time it rains!).  I wish I had taken some pictures before they ripped out the old stuff.  It was truly hideous.  I appreciate my husband working soooo hard to provide this improvement.  The former parallel walk and steps were railroad tie-lined white pebbles [insert heavy sigh because of hideousness].  These pics are for my family that is far away to see...

Walk parallel to house front...

The formerly life-threatening steps going down to garage and new retaining wall...

We need to do a little landscaping now to fill in the spaces left, but it looks fantastic!!

One more post today, about my quilt progress.  Breaking them up so one won't be so long.


{post 747} and Pics From One!!

Just got back last night from Florida.  We had an amazing trip.  The drive down was great.  I flew home...the girls will drive home Wednesday. it and hate it.  Time of travel--great.  Noise and panicky feeling--not so great.

The view from my seat.  See the huge engine to the left?  It was bad because it was so loud!!  I was very sensitive to every little change in noise.  Fortunately, I had the foresight to bring some earbuds for my iPod...a little Relaxing Pachelbel on the highest volume setting does wonders for the nerves :)

A little lower...see the river running vertically through the picture?

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home!  This last pic was from a little higher than the first two pics.  Remind anyone of quilt batting?