Saturday, September 21, 2019

{Post 1,686} Pumpkin Time!

I saw a picture on Pinterest of these sweater sleeve pumpkins. They are addicting. I am visiting my daughter in PA, and we made a couple thrift store visits to look for sweaters for these. As I make them, I am finding what I like about them more, so they are being slightly revised all the time.

I put my phone in the picture to show the size of the pumpkins. I like these sooo much, but then again, I am a card-carrying pumpkiholic.

Monday, September 16, 2019

{Post 1,685} Heading North

My husband and I are at our daughter’s in PA. The trip started off horribly, but ended up being quite nice. We left our house just 30 minutes after planned (that is rare...usually it’s much later). We got about 30 minutes away, and our car broke down. It had broken down two days before. We had it repaired, and now it was acting exactly the same way.

So we limped back to the mechanic’s (we did not want to wait for a tow...we were eager to start our long journey). We packed everything into our van. As we were driving along, my husband told me he needed to stop at a Fed Ex store to mail a package for his work. We arrived there 45 minutes later. As he ran into the store, he reached back for his wallet...and realized he left it in our car at home. Bummer. For real.

So back to the house we went. By now it was over 3 hours past the time we originally planned to leave. I just could not believe it. But we made good time and had a good rest of the trip.

We are now visiting with this little 2-month-old fella and his parents. My husband is flying home in the AM, and I’m staying until a week from Friday. My daughter and I have so much planned for the rest of my days here.

He looks so grown up. I half expect him to walk up and ask me for a sandwich or something. He. Is. So. Cute.

I basted, marked, and hand-quilted over half of my pumpkin pillow on the way here. I am working on it in my free time. I brought several crafts to do. I hope to share some pictures.