Tuesday, April 13, 2021

{Post 1,748} Then and Now


I have always been a paper girl. Now that electronics and Alexa run our lives, I STILL prefer pen and paper. I made a list of our freezer contents this AM. I will check items off as I use them. I list them by category (mostly meat, fruit, and veggies). If I have more than one of the item, I put that many open circles after it. I put an X through the circle when I use it up. It saves on a lot of waste. I haven’t done it in (ahem) a while. I threw a couple bags of frozen veggies that were over 3 years expired. Can you say FREEZER BURN?? But in my defense, one was a bag of peas that we use as an ice pack. We kept the last one so many years that all the print came off the bag onto my son’s face when he had his wisdom teeth out. That was pretty funny. I thought it was bruising because I didn’t know he got “the bag”. Then I saw that his check said “farm fresh” in mirror image...good times at the Parkers!!

I unexpectedly had an opportunity to help some friends last night, so I’ve been fully engaged and otherwise connected to a 4 and 6-year-old until a little while ago. The family is moving to NYC to do missionary work and got a place to rent much more quickly than they expected. They had been on the road, but shot home to pack up and move as much as they can before heading up there to sign a lease. I watched the kids and kept them overnight so they could get more done faster.

Now I’m off to mail a completed customer quilt and then back to start machine quilting the next one. 

I am enjoying my bullet journal so much. It is keeping my time in line and showing me baby steps of progress. I was recording some progress recently. It was the labeling, binding, and washing of a finished quilt. I was thinking, “I’ll miss working on you, #38.” Here is a sample page from my journal. The numbers circled in pink ink correspond to my list at the beginning of the journal which is just the list of UFOs.

For those who are fellow plant lovers...may I re-introduce my lemon button fern...

What are YOU working on?? Until we meet again...