Friday, April 25, 2014

{Post 1,349} Catching Up on Life Here

Good morning!  Here is what my hair usually looks like (for those who have been asking how THAT big change is going):

Today is my Benjamin's 18th birthday.  The years truly take wings.  It is a blessing to be his mother.  I have a pic of when he first opened the door, but to preserve our relationship, I opted not to show it!  I choose life.  The balloons are backwards to us, but correct to the birthday boy as he came out of his room.

Here is a new toy for me to enjoy music in the car and at Planet Fitness, and when working by myself.  It's an iPod shuffle.  It took me a long time to figure out how to use it, but time well spent.

Busy few days ahead.  Tonight at 5 is a wedding for a young man in our church.  I spent some time yesterday helping iron tablecloths for it.

My daughter, Susie, comes tomorrow with her husband and will be here through Sunday night.  I have a couple things to do for her to take back for her wedding shower. 

Elisabeth's baby shower is tomorrow at 1.  I have a LOT of shopping, cooking, and such to do for that.

Sunday is our graduate fellowship at church.

Tuesday I'm cooking a meal for 20 for supper.

Wednesday I have about 10 teen boys here for a few hours for fun, food, and fellowship (translation:  more shopping and cooking).  Wednesday night is our youth group awards banquet.  The kids get all dolled up in formal wear.  More on that later.

Friday is a local college graduation.  Hope to meet one of my adopted boy's "other" (AKA real) mom.

Saturday I am "catering" for a group of 100 for a dojo grand opening.  I have a little food prep for that, too.

I think I need a nap!!