Friday, July 25, 2008

Susanna...Metal Mouth No More

My daughter got her braces off today. Isn't she beautiful?? I am not biased at all!! She was beautiful before her braces came off. It just shows more now ;)

Here she was earlier in the day (aka "before")...

BTW, the title was Susanna's idea, not mine. Does she look 13 to YOU??

We did some shopping together today (she's my main shopping squeeze, and Harris Teeter is having triple coupons!), and had a delightful lunch out. We enjoy spending time together. Much laughter and a few U-turns in every trip!


Monday, July 21, 2008

View and 'Do

Above is a picture Rachel took out our windshield Saturday. We were driving through the great Smokey Mountains. It was a lovely trip. Rachel and I enjoyed some mommy/daughter time together.

Now for the picture below. I got a haircut today. I asked her to just trim 1/4" and make the sides a little shorter. I had my glasses off while it was being cut. When she turned me around and asked me if I liked it, I immediately had 4 thoughts...

1. "Do I like it?" That depends on who it is!

2. What does 1/4" trim mean to YOU?

3. Think of the money I'll save on shampoo.

4. It will grow.

It is much shorter than I would have liked. Enough said!

Went to Curves again. I haven't missed a day yet (except Sunday...they are closed on Sundays). Thanks to my family for pitching in a little more so I can have the time to go.

See ya.

Happy birthday, Mom!!