Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This Mother's Heart Hand-Quilting Started

This past few days have been some of my strangest ever.  Thursday night about supper time, I got a call from my daughter's fiance.  He had heat Florida.  He was calling because Emily asked him to...she wanted to see why he was so ill and what he could do about it.

Emily (who was at work at the time) asked if we (she and I) could drive down to see him and "help him get better".  He had Friday off because he worked Memorial Day.  So, I had the bright idea of leaving when she got home from work, at 9 PM.  We drove all night and got there around 5 AM.  All in all, we figured we slept about 12 hours from Thursday night until we arrived home at midnight on Monday.  Total.  That explains a few things about how I've felt the past couple of days!

Just about every moment was filled.  I managed to quilt most of the outermost edge blocks on my This Mother's Heart quilt.  I did a few of the inside blocks, too.  Every second I had free was spent hand quilting.  I guess that was a lot of seconds, although it seemed like we worked non-stop on other things.

Above are a few pictures of how I'm quilting this.  I am quilting the "vein" between each heart section.  This will be lightly quilted compared to some, but I think it will make a nice summer quilt.  I am outline quilting the appliqued parts and echoing the design where the 4 empty block corners meet.


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Steve 'n Emily said...

And what other mother would leave the other 8 family members to fend for themselves, while she took off for FL to take care of a future son-in-law?
Thanks Mom! You are amazing!