Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sky and Snowballs

I was uploading some pictures from my camera card, and this beauty was on there. My only guess is that one of my loved ones was playing with my camera. Yesterday was cloudy off and on, but still over 85 degrees. This is how I imagine the sky will look moments before Christ's second coming. Can't you just see Him coming through those clouds?? I sure can.

Here is a very special plant to me. Nostalgic, even. This is a snowball bush. My paternal grandmother had one of these in her back yard that was so big that a whole family could hide behind it. I have an adopted grandmother at church (mine have sadly both passed away) with an incredible green thumb. She is in her late 80's. I commented on her bush one time when I visited. She surprised me by rooting me one and giving it to me. Don't the blossoms look like snowballs?
My 13-year-old son took the pictures. He will be 14 TOMORROW!!

My hands were filthy because I was busy weeding. He got one of our azalea bushes in the background, slightly blurry because of the center of focus. Isn't this grand? Great shot, Benjamin!

Some quilty pictures on the next post. I've been hand quilting behind your backs.

This AM I'm off to help our pastor and his wife host 50 people for a graduation brunch at their home.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spools from New Zealand

Here are my spool blocks from Leeanne in New Zealand. Click on the underlined words to link to her blog.

What a lovely collection. The best part of my spool quilt is that the blocks play so nicely together. Not a one is a loser. I am thinking of using the top left one (button print) for my label. I am going to list all the contributor's names (in order that the blocks were received...I'm OCD).

Have to point out a couple favorites. That's just how I roll. I love this one because it mostly disappears. The splash of red stands out just enough to make it interesting.

This one says SUMMER!! It reminds me of fresh watermelon. Leeanne, do they have that in New Zealand?

One more set to wait on...I am waiting!!


Schmall Shavings

Here is all I have as "waste" from the batik fabrics I have purchased to make the 3 batik baby quilts. I didn't want to start another fabric type collection. Doesn't look like that will be a problem. One creative daughter suggested I could somehow bind these shavings together and make a pompom for the quilt center?? Nope. Not gonna happen.

Here is the layout I'm going to use for the small pinwheels. That way I can use up all the pinwheels for one appropriately-sized baby quilt.

I will need to buy the fabric for the setting squares/triangles. I am thinking a boy color...maybe green or blue. Aren't they cute??

Up latest spools.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


My children are very witty. Two quick examples...

One of my daughter's friends is expecting a boy in July. She recently found out that they plan to name him John. She said, "John? John?? Every Tom, Dick, and Harry is named John!"

My son came into the school room this morning with his hand on his heart and said, "Oh, my! I'm studying drama in language arts now. I'll DIE if I don't find the book I shall be studying!!" Seems to me like he needs very little studying of drama.