Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spool Quilt Center is Finished

Here is my spool quilt center. Now to decide about borders. I have a couple things in mind. This is one of the snazziest quilts I've pieced. I need to take a minute to thank Sam, Marcie, Debbie, Julie, Leeanne, and Christine. I have a couple border ideas. Still wanting to make sure that I want this for a queen-sized bed quilt. I think I'll put it away and let it marinate. Measures 60" x 96" now. Thanks, contributing ladies.


Maddie's Baby Quilt - Finished!

Here is Maddie's baby quilt...bound and washed! I love the way it turned out. I have enough batik strips to make a second one. I will start that soon. It will be for a boy, so I got a camo-colored green for the triangles and border.

Here it is lying on the floor. I originally put on the light purple outer border. I thought it was too light. I got some dark purple batik and decided to just use both!

When I quilted the border, I drew a wavy line on all four sides and wanted to quilt a feather on both sides of the line. I was disappointed then elated...it looks like stacked hearts! I'll just pretend like that was my intention all along. This is a good free-motion quilt design for any child's quilt.

I am nearly finished with my Grass is Greener quilt, too. Next up will be pics of my finished spool quilt center.