Saturday, May 2, 2015

{Post 1,474} Sew Long!!

Just glancing at my last was nearly a month ago.  Where does the time go?  I won't bore you with my un-episodic (that may be a new word) life.  Suffice it to say that most of my time has been spent cooking large (very large) quantities of food (3 groups had 50, 150, and 35) and babysitting my cute (very cute) grandson.  Hardly any sewing at all, which is really a shame.  Maybe soon!

Here are two projects that I've made some headway on.

First is my oldest grandson's I Spy quilt.  Just put the borders on this AM although I started it right after he was born.  He's 2, so it hasn't been that long.  

It measures 60" x 72" right now.  Still needs to be quilted.  So many of these cute fabrics are personal favorites.  Hope he enjoys it for a long time.

Next is just one more blossom or so on my hand-sewn Grandmother's Flower Garden.  The exciting part is that I have border fabric picked out.  I decided to just make the top of the bed in the GFG and put an interesting border print at the bottom and sides.  I think this fills the bill.  It was the first fabric that grabbed my eye when I went into a quilt shop in Asheville last week.  I kept trying to look away, but while perusing the rest of the store, my eye kept coming back to this.

A closer look.  All the border is missing is a little purple.  But that won't stop me from continuing to use it in the center!!

At long last, my sewing room is about 90% organized.  I have a very difficult time working in a cluttered environment.  Hence the lack of progress and general depression.  But it's coming along.