Saturday, October 15, 2011

{Post #833} Hexagon Help

Here is my not-so-professional tutorial on how I am sewing my hexagons to each other.  I have never done a tutorial before, so bear with me.  I loaded all the pictures first.  Glance at all of them then read and follow along.

I start with  knot which was wrapped around six times.  This picture shows how I put the hexagons nearly flat next to each other and pick up a few threads.

The last picture above shows from the right side.  You can see that you CANNOT see the thread on this hexagon that I just added.

If this is not clear, let me know, and I'll try it again.


Friday, October 14, 2011

{Post #832} Hexagon Trial and Error

All three of my kids in braces had orthodontist appointments this AM...that makes me :) because I get to hand sew while I'm in the waiting room.  Those ladies always wonder why I'm so pleasant when I'm there ;)

I tried a new technique for sewing the hexagons together.  It is a tad slower than just putting them face-to-face and whip stitching them, but the threads do not show on the outside (see the last picture above--greens are sewn the new way, blossom parts the old).  I saw on the 'net recently where a woman irons her templates after she pulls them out.  I'll give that a whirl when I get near the ironing board again.  Instead of putting the hexagons with right sides together, I just held it flat in place and took smaller stitches.  I might try to get a photo of that later, but it's working!!  I have read several bloggers' explanations of how they sew their hexies together, and I have never come across one that does it "my" way.  They must have more success with their stitches not showing.

I ran out of hexagons that were pre-basted.  You can see in the top picture that I need to add a couple green hexies before I have a finished horizontal "row".  I will add my already sewn together red and cream flowers, then try adding a row at a time.  With my new method, I think that will be much faster and economical with time and sanity.  Could use more of both. 

The possibility of a bed-sized Grandmother's Flower Garden is still out there, but it might take forever.  Seeing that Bonnie Hunter admitted to working on her hexagon project for 12 years does make forever seem a little shorter.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

{Post #831} Coaster, Take Two

Here is my coaster, again.  I started crocheting this one as I uncrocheted the first one, and added in a strip of black and two of light blue.  I got the knack of knowing where to add increase stitches from doing the first one.  These would make lovely Christmas presents.  The pattern in the magazine is for an oval-shaped trivet, but round is splendid as well.

This one measures about 5-1/2" across. 

New recipe for supper that does NOT appear to be a winner, but not to fear--there is bread baking in the oven, so all will be well.


{Post #830} Large Coaster

Above is a large coaster.  I thought about making it larger and using it for a trivet on the table.  It reminds me of old braided rugs.  I decided I don't like the cream, so I am going to "uncrochet" it and add other colors.  This is the product of 1/2" wide strips of cloth.  I developed a new way of attaching the strips to each other besides sewing them as the pattern suggests.  Very cute.


{Post #829} Layout Complete!

Here is the layout for my hexagon quilt.  I printed a sheet of hexagon paper off the internet (wonderful thing, that internet) and mapped out my quilt.  This allowed me to see how many more blossoms I still need to cut out, and what colors.  Notice the arrows in the last row between the purple and the cream flowers?  I am going to swap their placement. 

It occurred to me that it might be easier to stitch a whole row of hexagons together, then attach the whole shootin' match to the completed part.  I'm going to give it a whirl and will report back on if it's easier or not.  I think if I were making a bed-sized quilt, I'd rather just stitch a bunch of blossoms and then decide where to put them.  Since I laid out all the colors, however, and this is a small project, I am going to try it.

A future home for this has also been decided.  It will go in my bathroom where my barn raising log cabin quilt hangs now.  Just a little change. 

I shopped for a few unique items (to me anyhow) at a grocery store I rarely shop at this AM on the way back from the Y.  Mission accomplished, but I also picked up a magazine and found 3 items I want to make in it.  Coasters and trivets crocheted from 1/2" wide fabric strips (I may never throw away a thread of fabric again!!), a snowman wall hanging that is so ca-yute, and a tic tac toe tote, gameboard, and pieces, all sewn from cast-off denim jeans.  No wonder I am never bored with sewing/quilting/crafting!!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{Post #828} Hexagon Flowers are a Bloomin'

Here is my hexagon project so far.  The white and red blossoms are not attached in the picture.  This piece measures about 16" x 11".  This is fun and so portable.

Zip on over to my secret blog for a great finish!  At least of the center.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Scrappy Bargello Border

Above is a quilt from the Asheville show.  I wasn't crazy about the actual quilt, but the border really caught my eye.  I have been pondering on how to make a border for my spool quilt from many a month ago.  Could this be the answer to my plea??  Anyone have instructions for such a border?  I would like it to be scrappy (of course).  Any assistance is welcome.