Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pizzelle Participation, Please

What do you mean, you don't know what a pizzelle is? Well, first of all, you're pronouncing it wrong. Pizzelle rhymes with gazelle. Just starts with a "p"!! There you go.

These are one of our family traditions. We ONLY make them at Christmas. Four of my bunch left this AM to visit family in GA, and I sent a batch of these beauties for them to enjoy. Whilst I was makin', I did some picture takin'.

After mixing the heavily butter- and egg-laden batter, you

1. PLOP (the dough into the pizzelle iron, that is)...

2. FLOP (the lid closed; set the timer...these babies burn in a heartbeat)...

3. POP (the lid back open...the one on the left always sticks to the lid...silly pizzelle iron!)...

4. DROP (them gently onto a cooling rack)...

5. STOP eating them! These are going to Georgia. Haven't you already had 3 or 12?? Oops. Sorry. Thought you were one of my childen.

Christmas on a cooling rack!! The iron is similar to a waffle iron. The pizzelles are traditionally anise (black licorice flavor--blech!), but we make them vanilla. We've used that pizzelle iron for more than 20 years. It is well seasoned, but has never been cleaned (per manufacturer's instructions). Still works perfectly every year. There is a different design on each side, resembling a snowflake or doily.



Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Finished Memory Quilt

Here is James with his memory quilt. What a blessing to have him home for a couple weeks. The quilt will go back with him for his second semester of college. Blankets warm the body, but quilts warm the heart. I hope he enjoys reading the blessings others wrote for him on this new quilt.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

You'll Know Why No Picture

I have the flu. I have never been as miserable as I was all last night, and I've given birth nine times! Gut-clenching pain that went on and on and on...then the stomach emptying . I've been in bed since bedtime last night, except, of course, the multitude of bathroom trips. This came completely out of the blue. I am so tired of being in bed, but here I am. Would appreciate your prayers for a speedy recovery.