Thursday, June 6, 2019

{Post 1,669} Where in the World is Joan??

I’ve been absent a long time again. The days are just flying by. We have had lots of company. I have had 3 of my grandchildren 24/7. I. Am. Exhausted.

These are my little 3-1/2” square churn dash blocks for the Kim Diehl quilt along. They are soooo small. I think this coming Monday is the last week for the reveal and completion instructions. This is through Instagram.

I have had so little time for sewing. One of my friends brought over a large top for me to quilt.  I want to make a couple runners for my sideboard and console table. 

That’s about all of my news here.  I’ll leave you with these pictures of two of my granddaughters that I am currently keeping. Warning: they are incredibly cute!  First is my son and his daughter that I am keeping right now. Much resemblance?  Ha ha...her expression!! Next pic is his older daughter.

Another pic of baby when she realized she could see me in the reflection of the ExerSaucer. I had felt eyes on me and glanced down from my seat at the kitchen table.  Ha ha...eyes everywhere.

Big sister: