Wednesday, November 11, 2015

{Post 1,501} Past and Present Finished...Next One Underway

This is Past and Present.  It is a pattern from a book.  I have a runner made from the little leftover HSTs that I recently also completed.  This is so beautiful in person.  It is 58" x 70".  I am starting to make larger quilts.  We have 2 queen size and one full-size bed in the house.

Below is the quilt at more of an angle, so you can catch a glimpse of the quilting texture.

My baby boy is 6'5" tall.  He just turned 16.  I have had this quilt (below) pieced for a long time also.  Story of my life.  I added two more rows of shirt prints on the top and bottom to make sure my little nipper can wrap up at night.  This ended up being 80" wide and 109" long.

You can see it here before the borders were added.

I am using up some odd fabrics, so this is half of the backing fabric.  I took the pic so you can see my free-motion design.