Tuesday, July 21, 2020

{Post 1,722} New Project ~ Busy, Busy

I have had a productive few days here as far as sewing. I finished and sold this modern quilt. Definitely not my go-to style, but I made it and sold it 5 minutes after the piecing was finished. I machine quilted it in another new-to-me style, and it turned out soooo well. A big shout-out to my quilting friend, BJ, who referred it to the new owner. I am meeting her to deliver it tomorrow. It’s 51” x 70”.

First picture. Washed, dried, and hanging on our half wall.

I had a really large piece of the cream background left, so I used it first on the back, then added a row of the scraps left over from the scraps from the front, then added a width of fabric of the dark rose. It is sort of a reversible quilt. I really like it. One nice feature is that it’s really lightweight.

One of my daughters from 350 miles away came Saturday AM with her family. Her sister, who lives 3 minutes from us, had a birthday, we we had the two families and a couple extras here for supper Sunday night. Had a great meal and a good visit. Spent the last couple days with my daughter from afar. Her family left this afternoon for a few days at the coast. After resting up a little (old age stinks)...

I pulled out these birch tree blocks and arranged them on the design wall in my sewing studio. I had more finished than I realized. I also have a bunch of additional background pieces cut out, so I pieced a couple more. Here is the forest so far. Each block finishes at 9” x 11.5”.

I am buying a bolt of fabric tomorrow. Gray. My only one. I am going to make another modern quilt or two, and I know that’s a really popular color right now. Wish me luck!

Take care, and keep in touch.