Saturday, May 18, 2019

{Post 1,664} Geese On A String

I was looking at the leftover bits of my Moth in the Window 1-1/2” strip sets. I want to make a Geese On A String quilt (by Bonnie Hunter), but I did not want to buy the book. So I just figured I’d go for it by making my own block sizes. I had a small pile of crumb blocks on my desk as well as the strips. I have the day to myself (I will be machine quilting a friend’s quilt top later today). Here is what I have so far. It is being made to go with my living room rug.

Here are 29 four-patch blocks (this is w/o cutting any new strips...just the leftover pieces)...

The little pile of threads is what was trimmed off the 4-patch blocks. Then I cut into my two colors for the setting triangles and geese wings. Here is part of the 4-patches waiting for a turn. At the ironing board/pressing station.

Here are a few on my design wall. None of the 4-patch units are sewn to each other yet.

I want to mix them in with some that aren’t two creams and two colors with the creams running down the middle.