Sunday, June 27, 2021

{Post 1,754} First Full Day Home


Wes and I just got back from a week-long trip to OH then PA, then home again (NC). We had a great trip, visiting my parents, sister and family, and our youngest daughter and her family. Just a few shots of the grands…

I got to spend a lot of time with these two grandchildren. Blessings for sure, but they are babies, so there was crying, diapers, etc. 

I was fortunate enough to go to TWO quilt shops. I have rarely been in an actual quilt shop. I spent quite a bit of money (I am very, very frugal). Each purchase was carefully thought through. I did not take a picture of everything. I am making pumpkin blocks for Bonnie Hunter’s Punkin Patch quilt, so I got some more oranges, browns, and greens to add to my stash. I have one top nearly complete, and someone is already buying it. I just looked back and realized that I have not shared Punkin Patch pictures on here. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see quilting updates in a more timely fashion.

Here are my new fabrics to add to the mix.

I have more antique quilt tops in my possession and have been looking in real stores (as opposed to online) for reproduction fabric to use for backings. The second quilt shop I went to had a large assortment of bolts for half off!! I got flannel backing for two Punkin Patch quilts as well as 3 backings for antique quilts. It was great, and I spend >$200, but totally worth it. 

I hand-quilted and hand-sewed the binding on an octagonal table mat for a dear friend that I got to visit the day before we left. Here it is. I quilted it with dark brown thread. Just outlined the pumpkins and stems and then quilted an “X” in each of the blocks in the center. She was so surprised and loved it!

Before I left for the great north, I ordered fabric for a quilt along I planned to do that started this past Monday. I wanted to make a throw for our living room, It is neutral tans and browns. My goal was to draw out the colors in the rug, which is the first picture below (a small part of it). Well, to my surprise, what I’ve always “seen” as blue is really gray. I think it’s one of those transition pieces for people my age that have all cream as neutral. You know gray is the new neutral in houses. Well, this rug apparently fills the bill for both age groups. So I cut out all browns from my Thimbleberries collection instead. I also used up the very last bit of my favorite cream Thimbleberries. You can see how much extra I had…just a sliver.

Lastly, but not lastly, is some of the views from my time in PA. So much natural beauty.