Saturday, March 10, 2012

{Post #929} Mail Surprise

Got a nice surprise in the mail today.  Two actually, but this one is a quilty one!

Leeanne is one of my bloggy friends from New Zealand.  She sent me these lovely bow tie blocks to add to my collection.  That was so thoughtful!  This afternoon I sewed them to some of my others.  Yippee!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

{Post #927} Red Zinger

Here is the progress on my Red Zinger as of this moment.  I also have the bottom selvage border pieced, measured, cut, and ready to sew on.  I would have sewn it on already, but duty calls.

Here is my favorite fabric in the top selvage border...the monkey in the middle.  So cute. 

I'll tell ya...making a selvage quilt is like making a library of your fabrics.  A tiny piece of them all!  Well, at least the ones you've taken the time to cut the selvages off of :)

TTFN, Joan

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{Post #926} Red Zinger

Below are the 36 blocks of my beloved Red Zinger quilt.  I admit it...I love selvage projects.  Having Sam and Pam here pushed me to finish the center of this.  I finished all the blocks this AM and have one 30" section of selvage piano key border finished for the outermost border.  

Yesterday I took out my stack of I spy fabrics to cut some squares and shave off all THOSE selvages.  So now my collection is big again, and bright as well.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

{Post #925} Sam and Mary Jo

This is me and my friend, Sam.  I am in the pink jacket.  She drove down to NC from TN with a friend to see me and Mary Jo's.  Here we are at Mary Jo's, which has gone under a major change about a month ago.  Here is a picture of the "new" inside of the store.

Gone are the butcher-paper hanging-down signs.  In are the lime green fuzzy rectangle signs with the fabric types glued on each side.  

Sam and Pam (her friend) had a great time in NC and on the way...and I'm assuming on the way back.  They were planning on shopping until they were dropping!!