Monday, December 15, 2014

{Post 1,454} New Granddaughter Quilt

This is my soon-to-be-born granddaughter's quilt.  It is backed with Minky which was brought to the front.  The only "quilting" is the seam on the front where the Minky and the quilt top meet.  

On a recent trip to GA, my daughter picked out all the fabrics.  I made up the pattern.  Wonky stars?  Whodathunkit?

Just talked to my daughter, and Katie's birth is very, very soon.

This measures about 48" square. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

{Post 1,452} The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I just now realized this post didn't make it to Blogger.  I don't know why.  It should have been posted about 5 hours ago.  So these are out of order.  Just pay attention to the post numbers.


{Post 1,453} Five Hours In

Five hours later...I have taken a couple very short breaks so I didn't burn out.  I'm quitting for the day now.  Here are a few shots of the transformation so far:

From the closets before:


Where my quilting machine is going to live:

From the door to the room before:


Most of the "mess" along the wall over by my green-curtained cutting table is quilts or quilt tops.  Just need to fold them and put them away.  

Whew--I feel like I accomplished a lot today.  Still lots more to do.

Anyone want a package of very small bits of Thimbleberries?  

{Post #1,451} My Generous Husband

Never saw this coming.  In fact, it was the farthest idea from my mind.  Yesterday I wanted to rearrange my office/craft room.  Half my stuff was in my bedroom, half was in the office, and I don't know where the other half was stored.  Mathematically that is impossible, but it does touch on the scope of my frustration!

I asked my husband for input on rearranging the furniture/goods in my office to make better use of the space.  Then I mentioned that I'd like to move my cutting table and pressing station in there.  He said, "Why not move it all into our bedroom and move our bed in here?"  It took a while to sink in.  When my son used the office as his bedroom, it seemed cramped with a twin bed and dresser in there.  Move our QUEEN size bed in with side tables?  Um, yes.  I literally shed a few tears over this idea.  My husband is the epitome of unselfishness and generosity (yes--he has both qualities to the max).

We slept in there last night.  There are many upsides to this arrangement.  We like a small bedroom.  We don't have an exercise area, lounge area, dressing area, etc. in our room.  We just need a bed and side tables.  Our noisy neighbors whose driveway is right outside our bedroom window and enjoys sharing the vroom-vroom of their Harleys and boom-boom music are no longer an issue!  It is cozy.  It is more relaxing because there is not all the quilt stuff screaming "pay some attention to me, would ya?"

Now to rearrange my former bedroom into my quilt studio.  Diving in on that as soon as I finish this post.  To pay tribute to my Susanna, I will take before and after pictures like she taught me.

Another benefit is that Wes is going to move my quilt frame and quilting machine in there after I rearrange the pressing station and sewing machine table.  All my sewing stuff in one place again!!  Whoo-hoo!!  Oh, the changes this past year have held.  Some GOOD  :)  In case you're a new reader, I packed up my former sewing space about a year ago and have been in a state of transition ever since.  I think we have finally hit on a long-term set-up.

Moving the quilting machine and frame out of our living room will give us room for my desk and cedar chest for grandchildren's toys in there...another solution.  It's all looking great!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

{Post 1,450} Newly Displayed Christmas Decorations

I love the Christmas season.  This weekend is one of my favorites in a frantic, hectic, loss-of-sleep kind of way.  We usually start the process of getting all the fall decorations down and the Christmas ones up the day after Thanksgiving.  My newly-married daughter (March of this year) asked for our lighted house display.  We had 5 ceramic lighted houses.  I had always put them in our foyer, but I was kinda tired of them, to be honest.  

Wes's grandmother gave us a piece of a crystal nativity every year after we were married.  I decided to put it up in my foyer.  Just found the perfect lights for it.  Need to find another set for the bottom level, where the wise men are making their way towards the baby Jesus with their bedecked camel.  I always set them up far away from the manger (after all, it took them two years to get there!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

{Post 1,449} Long Time No Type

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers.  Our family has been a in a phase of big changes for the past few years.  Adapting is the name of the game.

This year 2 of my children married, and we have had one new baby (so far...another due in December).

I will be updating with the quiltiness going on since the wedding (11/15) at a later date.  

Just wanted to wish you all a fantastic day full of warm memories (in relationships and pies!) and thank you for being a part of my life.

To those of you in New Zealand, Australia, and the like, I love you, too.  Wish you had a Thanksgiving holiday!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

{Post 1,448} At Long Last

I think this quilt top was pieced in 2008 (maybe earlier).  I finally have a reason to quilt and bind it.  I will disclose that later.  

For now, let me introduce Jacob's Ladder.

Going to a very special home.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

{Post 1,447} First Block of "Round and Round"

Here is a huge block (24" square) that is one of seven to finish a quilt called "Round and Round".  I am using all shirt prints for the friendship stars and natural muslin for the background.  

I have a lot of sewing and painting to do in the immediate future, so this will take a back seat.  I need to have it finished by January 2015.  Getting a head start, and also curious as to how it would look with my choice of fabrics.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

{Post 1,446} Fern Ziggle Quilting

This is the first row of my secret project.  I usually forget about the Fern Ziggle pattern, but I really like it.  I have used it two other times that I recall.

{Post 1,445} Center of Runner Pieced

These are some shirt crumb blocks I made while piecing some more String Squares blocks.  I finished 16 more of the SS blocks!

I am making these crumb blocks into a table runner for my cousin once removed.  We have just recently reconnected after about 40 years on Facebook.  Her posts encourage me.  She has such a strong sense of family.  I am mailing it to her as a surprise.  

Must add a wide border, quilt, bind, and label it first!

It is 17" x 13" now.  I will add a 2" border all around from the same shirt and then a binding.  The small blocks are 4" square unfinished.  I had some tiny crumbs.  These type of quilts intrigue me.  

I used the same red shirt for the 20 tiny (1" unfinished) cornerstones.

Friday, October 24, 2014

{Post 1,444} Beginning of String Squares

This is the first row of a string shirt quilt I'm calling String Squares.  I was inspired by my b-friend Julie.  

Just making these as I have scraps.  Which I have a lot of, LOL!!

This is the finished width of the quilt.  I am probably going to make 3 more of this sized pieces to add to it.

The white on the right end is the sun coming through the window.

In other news, my Glory Bound top is pieced.  Now on to the pressing, quilting, and binding.  This is 64" x 80".  I will be selling this pattern in my Etsy shop later.  My store name is ShelbyStitcher (no space).

Thursday, October 16, 2014

{Post 1,443} Glory Bound More Than Halfway Pieced

This is flying along since I had all the HSTs sewn together as well as the star block centers already finished.  It has not been ironed, but here it is so far.

We are going to GA for the weekend.  My husband will be working out of the house tomorrow, so I will be doing some painting while he is gone.  I hope to post a picture of my progress on the hand-piecing on the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt when I get back.  I am driving until 6PM, then hubby is taking over.  I see some hand piecing time in my future.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

{Post 1,442} Glory Bound, 1/4 Finished

This is the beginning of my "Glory Bound" quilt.  The pattern is by Red Crinoline Quilts.  It will be 64" wide when sewn together.  There are large pieces sewn together in the picture, but the whole thing is in chunks...not completely pieced yet.

I did the large HSTs as leader/enders for the past while, and they are all finished..  The small star blocks are also pieced.  This will finish up quickly, I hope.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

{Post 1,441} Itty Bitty Pinwheels Quilt Reveal

I finished this today.  I'll tell you, I really like it, but I don't want to make another one.  I am selling my pattern and template (which, BTW, I bought from Jo Morton on an electronic yard sale).  They are made by Primitive Gatherings.  This is called the Itty Bitty Primitive Pinwheels.  It says "10" square" on the cover.  Mine measures nearly 12" square, although I followed the package directions.

From the back "Finally an easy miniature quilt!  Follow our easy step by step directions to make this little quilt!  It's as simple as sewing squares together, cutting them apart and then sewing them back together again!  Use your scraps or 2-1/2" precut squares and start sewing today!"

If you are interested in buying this, it will be $10 plus whatever first-class shipping is to your place.  First-come, first-serve.  If I don't get a taker in a couple days, I will put it in my Etsy shop.

As you can see, I did not follow the color layout of the pattern.  I just used lots of Thimbleberries scraps that I had.  I would suggest using one of the small rotary cutters (with a blade about as big as a nickel) so you don't cut into the next square.

This is adorable!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

{Post 1,440} And Then There Were Two

I finished the center of another ornament tonight.  As much as I hate paper piecing, one does get some fabulous little pointy pieces!

These finish at 3-1/2" square.  I am very pleased with these so far.  My 15-year-old son already claimed the one on the left.  He thinks it looks like Captain America's symbol.  *sigh*  The comic influence!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

{Post 1,439} Christmas Shirt 9-Patch Ready to Web

These are the blocks for my BIL's family's Christmas quilt.  I've only known him 29 years, no need to get in a rush about making him a quilt, right?

I will sew these into a top on Saturday at Second Saturday Sewers.  That's sewers as in seamstresses, not waste water runoff!

There is a possibility of adding more blocks to this, but I'll see how I like it as is.  This will be 54" x 72".  I think a couple more rows might be in store, but this will give me 3 hours of sewing to do for the sew-in on Saturday.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

{Post 1,438} Seam Guide on Featherweight

Just put the seam allowance guide on my Featherweight.  It's much smaller than other ones I've seen. Works like a charm.

I'm making some crumb blocks from shirt crumbs.  I'll leave it set up in my office in case I get a few minutes to sew in here.  It's on a TV-tray table.

Just realized I've never shown the picture of the bee-you-tee-ful plate on the end of the machine.  I think this is what sold me on it.  It's gorgeous.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

{Post 1,437} One Down, Seven To Go

I have made my eight children Christmas ornaments for many years.  I don't remember when I started, but then I don't remember most things.

When we were at the quilt show last weekend, my husband asked what I was doing for the kids' ornaments this year.  I told him I had purchased some laser-cut wooden stars.  I was going to paint them with glitter gold paint and be finished with it.  He inferred that that wasn't bringing my "A" game.  Soon thereafter we saw some paper-pieced ornament patterns at the show.  They finish 3-1/2" square.  

I made this one tonight.  I did a single-fold binding, and I love the way it looks.  I hand-sewed the ends of the binding together, as getting such a small piece under my sewing machine foot would've taken a miracle.

I will attach a jute hanger with a couple small upcycled shirt buttons.

{Post 1,436] New Layout for Shirt Strings

This is really what I was looking for with those blocks.  Now I can plan how many blocks I want for a large throw and get cutting.  It looks like I'll have a lot more piecing time away from home, so I need to have a stack of pieces cut and ready to sew!

{Post 1,435] Sew'cializing

I went to a new-to-me sewing group last night from 5-8:30.  It's called the "sew-cialize" group.  I got all 99 blocks for my Christmas gift quilt finished as well as 3 of the shirt string blocks shown.  The 9-patches are 5" square; the string blocks are 6-1/2" square.

For the first time, I used my Featherweight exclusively and for a l-o-n-g time.  It performed like the workhorse it is, and did it beautifully.

The blue 9-patch quilt top in the back of the first picture is the same design as the one the green blocks are going to be used in.  I wanted it to be lighter overall, so I switched where the cream and color go in the 9-patch.  It was sooooo boring to use the same two fabrics over and over, but having others to chat with certainly made it more interesting.

The natural muslin was a purchase made at a textile warehouse near me.  I like the color with the shirts.  I was going to make a different setting with the blocks, but this one appeals to me.  Time will tell as to where this quilt design goes.

Monday, October 6, 2014

{Post 1,434} Grandmother's Flower Garden Update

Here is what I have so far on my GFG quilt.  In the picture, it is laid on top of my queen-sized bed.  I took it with me standing at the head of the bed on top of the mattress.

After taking this picture, I decided I'd like it better if it hung down the sides with whole blocks.  I hope that makes sense.  I originally was thinking I'd just make blocks for the top, but then I'd have to decide how to quilt large, open spaces.  I guess cross hatching would look nice.  Well, I don't need to decide right now.

Until I need to make a decision, I'll just keep plugging away on the body of this large piece.  I really, really like it.  Each block is my favorite!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

{Post 1,433} Want a Special Ruler...You Have It??

I am interested in the Rapid Fire Hunter's Star ruler.  I saw one at the quilt show I was at last week.  I don't want to pay $20 + for one.  Have one of you bought one and no longer want it?  I'd like to buy a used one, if possible.  Let me know!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

{Post 1,432} Pinch Me!!!

Look what my husband bought for me at the Asheville, NC quilt show today!!  A bee-you-tee-full 1948 Singer featherweight.  He took this picture.  When I get home, I'll show you what the plate on the left side of the machine looks is gorgeous.  He talked me into it.  I never would have bought something expensive for myself.  He twisted my arm.  It came with a case, 6 bobbins, complete original tool set, and more.  So excited to get home and try this baby out!!!

He took a couple days vacation.  We left Thursday bright and early to go catch a train ride (4 hours long) that included a scrumptious lunch.  That evening we ate out and stayed in a hotel.  This AM we got started at the quilt show nice and early, then left for lunch at an Asian buffet and went back, where he insisted I "let" him get this machine for me ("OK, babe...if you must!!").

We are not at a marriage seminar/retreat until Sunday afternoon.  Wish me luck!!  

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

{Post 1,431} Carolina Chain Piecing Finished

I finished sewing the rows to each other on this quilt top.  I like it a lot, and I have already picked out a family to gift it to.

It measures 41-1/2" x 55"

{Post 1,430} Two Daughters' Visits

There hasn't been much sewing going on, but there has been some hasty cleaning, decluttering, and cooking.  Which is good.

My daughter Susie (19) came Saturday night and left Monday night.  Emily and her family came Monday night and just left.  I got some Grammy Jo time in with Keith.

Here are me and Susie.

Me and Keith watching Fox and the Hound after his nap.  Delightful time with everyone.

These were taken while Keith was waiting for Uncle Isaac to come in to "get him".  The anticipation:

Notice the tip-toe stance!  So funny!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

{Post 1,429} More Piecing

This AM I sewed the last few rows of the Chevron Quilt together and also pieced 12 more I Spy leader/ender blocks to finish a small quilt top.

My daughter, Susie, is coming to spend a day or so with us, so I want to be free to enjoy her visit.

At some point soon, I'll trim and add borders to the Chevron Quilt.  

The top and bottom row of blocks are not sewn on...I just wanted to spread out the reds in these blocks before I sew them together.

Friday, September 19, 2014

{Post 1,428} Nearly Finished Chevron

I am so close to finishing the center of this.  I've sewn quite a bit today including the secret machine quilting project, so I'm going to call it a night.

Here it is so far...

{Post 1,427} Secret Blog is Up and Running...Again

If you know my secret blog URL, check there later (30 minutes?) for a post on a secret project I machine quilted today.  So fun.  If you want the URL, email me.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

{Post 1,426} Safari, So Goodie

My progress on the Chevron Quilt so far.  Will sew a little more tonight, but it's time to wind down.

Do YOU have a favorite jelly roll pattern??

{Post 1,425} Center of Tiny Twister Finished

I decided to work from first to last on my UFOs.  So I am using the Chevron Quilt as a leader/ender while I finished the center of my Tiny Twister.  Now I'm going to cut and attach borders.  Nearly finished!  Whew!!

This measures only 11" square right now!!!

{Post 1,424} Ready to Sew Rows

Quilt top, unite!!  I am ready to sew the rows together..  This is a little more time-consuming because it's on point, but it shouldn't take long.  I will finish this and put borders on it before I start something new.  At least I think I will!

{Post 1,423} ...and 45 Minutes Later!

Each block is 4-1/2" square unfinished.  Running to the post office and the planet of fitness.  Will sew a few more strip sets when I return and see if I can get this into a top today.

{Post 1,422} Stop Me Now!

Heaven help me--I have started another new project!  I think I need to go back to the beginning of this train wreck and start finishing my UFOs.  

When I went to the discount fabric store on Tuesday, I had in mind getting a natural-colored muslin for a shirt disappearing hourglass quilt.  I got 10 yards for $2.10 a yard.  Score!  The good thing is that the warehouse sells bolts at inexpensive prices.  The bad thing is that they don't cut any has to buy the whole bolt.  They had some clearanced muslin at $1.65 a yard, but it was a 20-yard bolt.  Yea, yea--I know I'd use it eventually, but...

While I was there, I saw this jelly roll for <$10.  It was colors I don't usually work with, so I thought, "That would be fun!"  When I opened the jelly roll (which I had not closely inspected at the warehouse), I saw that all the creams were one color, and the others were not varied.  All the greens were the same print, and the blues were just 3 prints.  That sent me on a search.  Here is what I'm going to make with them...

I found this easy chevron-from-jelly-rolls quilt.  It will be bright and cute, and allow me to use up all these fabrics instead of having them languishing in my stash (not like that's ever happened around here).

There is no baby sitting in my life for the next 4 days, so I'm going to sew, Sew, SEW!!!!  When I'm not doing things with my son and husband, of course.  ;)

My husband works out of our house all day tomorrow, so I just need to keep Isaac busy.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

{Post 1,421} Disappearing Blocks

I backed a baby quilt with this baby blue fabric.  I don't even know how long it's been languishing in my stash, but it will soon be completely gone.  

Have you seen the disappearing hourglass blocks?  You go from picture 1 to picture 2 in just a few easy steps.  I plan to make a shirt quilt from this pattern with muslin.  I was inspired by my friend, Janet.  See her post here.

I have enough scraps for 4 blocks plus a few strings.  I am going to use it all up for this!  I think I'll make 2 of the disappearing pinwheels, too, just for sake of trying them out.  So I'll have 4 12-inch blocks...two of each kind.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

{Post 1,420} Pinterest Success and Flop

Made two things from my Pinterest boards today.  A new banana bread recipe and a two-compartment zippered padded storage case.  The bread was a flop and has been removed from my Pinterest board.

Here are pictures of my double-zipper carrying case.  I think this would be good for electronics that need a little TLC when in the suitcase.  If I made another one, I'd make the lining shorter.  As it is, it has to be jammed into the outer shell.  One of the challenges is that all the measurements were metric.  I should have made the lining about an inch shorter than I did (or 2.54 cm if I was being metrically correct!).

I used selvages sewn onto a piece of very thin fabric for my outer "fabric".  Two blue zippers pulled out enough of the blues in the selvages.  

Guess who, Who, WHO is on the inside?  I have so much fabric around that I try to use up bits and pieces when I can.  Had a little Tigger in my stash, so in here he went.

Fusible batting gives the lining its shape and safety feature.  The case measures about 3" tall, 2" wide, and 6" long.