Saturday, February 20, 2021

{Post 1,745} Pennsylvania Bound

 I am making two quilts from soup to nuts as the saying goes. They are the same pattern—Virginia Bound from Bonnie Hunter. As of two days ago, I had the centers pieced for both of them. One is PA Bound and the other is TX Bound. Not only is it unusual for me to be making two customer quilts at the same time, but they wanted the same pattern. I doubt that will ever happen again! 

This AM I finished the PA Bound one. On to the quilting, labeling, and binding. Oh, she also wants a matching sham, so I WILL be making more of these blocks! This measures 78” x 94” with all four borders. These pictures were taken last night after dark in my kitchen. Not quite enough room to lay out everything. I didn’t bother to pull it out completely flat,  but it is in real life. 

A good friend I recently made in PA gave me a tiny shoot of her lemon button fern. It has finally started growing rapidly. I love my houseplants. Fern “leaves” are called fronds. Baby fronds are called fiddleheads. 

My soon-to-be daughter likes the word fiddlehead nearly as much as I do, so I took the above pic to send her.

Speaking of my DIL-to-be, I am making her and my son a bed quilt for a wedding gift. I started this back in 2008, and it has been marinating quite nicely in my drawer of UFOs. The squares FINISH at 1-1/2” square. I could have drafted a pattern from the quilt, but miraculously, I found the book that has the pattern in it. It’s “Save the Scraps” from Gayle Bong. This AM I am drafting out the finished size they want and all to see how many more blocks I need to make. She wants an 18” drop on all sides of the quilt (!), so that means a lot more. Here are the blocks laid out from an old pic on my blog. All the blocks are sewn to each other now, but we are doing a construction project in the closet of my sewing room, and I don’t want to get the top out. Picture tools, drywall dust, and painting supplies e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

If you squint at the bottom third of the picture, you can see where I wrote a caption!

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