Thursday, January 16, 2014

{Post 1,305} Making MORE Progress

This moving things around is such a big project.  I'm afraid I'm very close to losing momentum.  But there's always much to do here.

The sewing corner is set up in my bedroom.  Wes actually walked in after the sewing machine was set up and my cutting table was in here and said (and I quote):  "It's not that bad."  Of course, there are no projects under way yet.

The view at the other end of the room.  Again--not bad.

Downstairs is nearly cleared out.  After this picture, both of those bookshelves (the "fabric one" and the "green curtained one") were moved to the garage.

The design walls are heading out to the garage too.

We will definitely be finished with all this moving stuff around this weekend.

I just found out tonight that my parents will be here tomorrow, and we were already having two other couples over for supper.  My husband will be gone all day (which is quite rare), so we'll see what happens tomorrow.  

My daughter and I kind of mapped out where everything in the new bedroom will be placed, so things are under way!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

{Post 1,304} More Progress

You don't have a quilt frame in YOUR living room?

Sewing room progress (I will have to point it out for you!).  The sewing machine table is gone.  The books are MOSTLY gone from the bookshelf on the farthest left along the wall (hence the 5 boxes of books in front of it), and the cutting table (with the green curtains around the bottom) will be moved to my bedroom shortly.

A big thank you to my husband for taking his break time from work today to unassemble and move my sewing table up to my sewing room.  He is behind me right now putting it back together.  What a guy!!

I am going to focus on getting the rest of my bedroom ready for this big change, and then back to the sewing room (if Ben has brought me packing boxes from work).

BTW, I am mentally planning my new sewing space (several months down the road)...if you have any organizational or whatever ideas from your room that you LOVE, drop me a comment or an email!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

{Post 1,303} Making Progress

Slowly but slowly (as in not starting until 8 PM), I am making headway in the basement room.  Our contractor came today and told us he would start as soon as it was empty!  Talk about initiative.

You know it looks worse before it looks better, right?  The only main difference between the first picture and the second is that 3 thirteen-gallon bags of discarded clothes are gone as well as everything on my sewing table.

Monday, January 13, 2014

{Post 1,302} Flinging, Packing, Moving

I have too much stuff.  I know this, but it's so hard to let things go!  It's the result of years and years of having 8 children, home schooling, sewing, quilting, READING, etc., etc.

We are moving furniture around and making places for things that aren't in their usual location so we can begin the renovations downstairs in what is presently my sewing room.  The whole sewing room needs to be packed up before we can start that.  It will be months before it will be unpacked.  The most logical solution was to move my L-shaped sewing desk into my bedroom and my quilt frame into the living room.

Naturally, there are already things where these things needed to be moved to.  My living room desk came into the bedroom (it only sports one very shallow drawer, so I gave up 3 large drawers), my bedside table held 3 fabric baskets (the large ones about 10" x 11" x 11"), and my son's desk was also moved out of the living room.

So I spent much time this afternoon sorting through each and every item in my bedroom in the areas that needed to be cleared out.

Here are the after pictures, as tragic as they look:

A close-up view...spare me!!

I guess my picture could have been better.  The box on my bed is laundry that is now folded and put away.  The vacuum is broken.  I am selling some of the removable parts.  I have a couple boxes of things that I've tried to sell, but now am looking to give away.  The clutter is going to be the end of me.

Here is the newly cleaned-out corner where my sewing desk will live.  Oh, the mess that will add to the bedroom.  But a girls' got to have her mental health therapy, no??  The file cabinet came to my room in place of my desk which is now in my daughter's room.

A frightful thought just gripped me.  I am leaving 1/29 to visit my sister for nearly 2 weeks.  I need to have this done before I leave.  My sewing room has zillions of things in it!  I better go get started.