Saturday, November 5, 2011

{Post #842} Count On It for November

Oh, yes, this is late.  And no--it's not quilted yet.  I just did the fusible applique for tonight.  I fully intended to make this before November rolled around, but I've had a lot of unexpected problems opportunities this past week.

Three of my family members, including my husband, are leaving in the AM for Wisconsin.  cold, Cold, COLD!!  I hope to get this finished and up on my little table-top frame by Monday.  Time will tell.

This actually sports some non-Thimbleberries fabrics. 


{Post #841} Craft Show

My daughters are all real go-getters.  Rachel is 13.  She is already working and saving money towards a camp she wants to attend this next summer. 

Just a few days ago we found out about a craft show at a local senior center.  Miraculously, someone cancelled and we were able to take their table.  We had 2 eight-foot banquet tables, so there was a lot of space.

Rachel sold freshly-baked muffins, water, soft drinks, bookmarks, and scarves.  She ended up making about $40.  A good day's work!

I rounded up things I had made as gifts to display.  I was thinking that if I sold them, I would just remake what I had sold.  Well, bummer.  I only sold one crocheted trivet and a tiny runner.  The runner was something I made at least 15 years ago, right after I first started quilting. 

But the good news is that I finished hand quilting the center of my Seeds of Kindness quilt (pictures with me above).  On to the border!!


Monday, October 31, 2011

{Post #840} More Quilt Show Pics

I photographed this one just because it was so eye-catching and graphic.  I would like to make a circle of flying geese one day just to say I could.  And did. 

This next one used salvaged denim for the blue part.  I like it!

I love this pineapple-centered, wavy-flying-geese-bordered one.  I like how the inside border fabric is different from the outside, drawing attention to the flying geese themselves.  A little bright for my house (haha), but I'd love to make one in Thimbleberries' dark country colors.