Friday, September 13, 2013

{Post 1,255} Rachel's Purse-se-verence and 501

In a fervent effort to spend more time with my girl, Rachel, we went and picked out fabric for a new purse for her.  Once we got home, I stayed right by her side until it was finished.

We even went the extra mile and spray painted her grommets (which started out as an oil rubbed bronze color) black to match her fabrics.

Her youth group's team is green this year.  Her old purse was purple, which made it look like she was favoring a team not her own.  That had to change!!

I like traditional fabrics.  She is a teenage girl.  When she picked her fabrics, I was thinking "Oh, me!" inside.  But didn't it turn out lovely?  I made her a zip pocket (about 7" x 4-/2") to match with the little bits of left over fabric.  Luckily, I had a lime green zipper!!  I have been dabbling with making jewelry, so I stamped her initials on a disc and made a little beaded string to attach to the zipper.

In further sewing news, I added the pieced border to my 501 quilt.  Just one more border, then that will be listed on Etsy.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

{Post 1,254} Squishy from "Ruth"

Yesterday I got an envelope from Ruth!  Yea!!  She sent me 16 units for the Shirts Abound quilt as well as this little butterfly case.  It's made from batiks, which I think are so lovely.  Thanks, Ruth!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

{Post 1,253} Center of 501 Finished and Fall Quilt for Sale

Here is the center of my 501 quilt.  Now I have to put on a single-fabric blue border, a border of 4-patches that are already pieced, and then a wider blue border.

For a change of pace around here for the fall decor, I ordered a kit for a scarecrow quilt.  I have enough for at least 2 of them, except for the buttons for the eyes on the faces and on the jacket.  Yesterday I made one I am going to sell to recoup the price of my kit!  One can never get the money for their time.  And this did take quite a bit of time...especially zigzagging down all the pieces with invisible thread.  But I like it, and it's worth it to me to have my quilt paid for if this one sells.  My store on Etsy is called ShelbyStitcher.  Check it out sometime.  

Since I didn't want to hunt high and low for tiny buttons, I am saving them for MY quilt.  This one has the "buttons" painted on: