Saturday, January 25, 2014

{Post 1,312} William's Quilt Top

Here is William's baby quilt center, all ready for quilting!  I am thinking about quilting a cross hatch pattern through the white sashing and extending the same lines through the border.  My sister embroidered the name you see in the second picture.  She did a fabulous job, as usual.

{Post 1,311} Room Renovations

Mr. C and Mr. T came over to work on the room downstairs today.  My wonderful husband had prepared the room so they could get right to work.  Wes took out the ceiling and all the paneling so they could start from scratch, sort of.  All the materials were delivered yesterday.  They got so much done.

Here are some pictures of the progress:

The fireplace and sliding glass doors.  The fireplace will be partially drywalled in so there will just be a rim of brick around the opening (about 10" all around).  The doors are going to be replaced with a single, solid exterior door.

This shows where a closet has been framed in inside the room, next to the window.

This shows a view from Rachel's room back towards the steps.  This is a closet for Elisabeth to store not-being-used stuff.  Her doorway into the room is right across from the middle of the closet.

Friday, January 24, 2014

{Post 1,310} Baby William's Quilt

The next row added will be exactly halfway finished with the quilt center.  There will be a 1" finished and then 3" finished border beyond the center.

The HSTs measure 4" square finished.

You can find the original pattern here:

I added rows to it.  I also did not use a charm pack, so there was a lot more cutting involved, which was fine.  With a 1" inner and 3" outer border, the quilt should measure about 40" square when finished.

Here is a before and after of my kitchen from this AM.  My Susie has taught me the benefit of before and after pictures.  The after got even better.  The drainboard is full in the picture.  Only so much fits in the dishwasher, you know!

Yea--Good Morning!  I am blessed to have the health and initiative to clean it though!

Ingredients for key lime pie on island!!  Mmm-mmm.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

{Post 1,309} Beginning of Bright Baby Quilt

Here is the beginning of my nephew-to-be's baby quilt.  My sister is due February 4th.  I am driving up (with my parents) to stay with her on January 29 and flying home February 11.  

She picked out these fabrics and mailed them to me.  Just got them this afternoon.  Made a lot of progress in that little time!

In this picture, the blocks are all laid out.  I have the white-on-white sashing between the rows going diagonally from top right to bottom left.  It's not very noticeable in the picture. 

This picture shows the very small section I have all sewn together, but not yet trimmed.

Can hardly wait to see the little nipper!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

{Post 1,308} ...And She is Sewing!

I found a very large number of HSTs when packing up the ole sewing room.   Actually, they were found before that.  Nevertheless, I squirreled these away for these days when I would have limited access to stash.  I made this block up.  What is a good name for it?

Setting will be on-point with the 9-patches made from 1-1/2" squares for cornerstones.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

{Post 1,307} Good News

See the lovely PINK insulation?  That means...

1.  We don't have to buy it.
2.  It is not moldy.


{Post 1,306} Ready to Renovate

Here are a couple views of the room we are renovating.  I have packed up all my sewing supplies and moved them to other locations for the time being.  The room is empty except for two trash cans.  My husband is starting to take down the dropped ceiling and its metal supports.  The fireplace is going to undergo a big change.  Stay tuned for that.

I sewed a quilt block together today!  My sister is mailing me the fabric for my new nephew-to-be's quilt.  I am having trouble getting good lighting in my bedroom for sewing.  I was spoiled in my former space (above) with those lovely fluorescent lights.  

We are replacing the sliding glass doors with a regular exterior door and adding a wall just to the left of the fireplace.  It will be hard to get pics once the wall is in place.  I hope my girl likes the new room!  It will be 15 feet square when finished.