Thursday, December 10, 2015

{Post 1,508} Keep Calm and Tumble On

Below is one of my favorite red Thimbleberries prints.  I came across 4 little scraps in my scrap box.  I pieced them together to get two tumblers for this quilt.  I only have threads of this left (bottom right corner of picture). 

You can see my ruler for cutting these in the picture as well.  I am using 2-1/2" tall pieces and chunks and cutting between the 5" and 2-1/2" lines for my tumblers.

This is a small section so you can see some of the prints close-up.  This quilt will be a little bit of everything.

Last, but not least.  Where I finished 1,200 tumblers.  Twenty rows of 60 tumblers, measuring 40" x 90".  Nearly half way there. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

{Post 1,507} Nine HUNDRED Tumblers

The above picture is my wonderful husband and 900 tumblers.  Such an enormous number!  I am cutting down more scraps tonight.  They must multiply in my boxes.  I see one I am going to rip out and replace.  See it right near the center?  A brown one that should not be in the light position.  I can't stand it!

This piece of work is 30" wide by 90" long.  Last one I can take in this space, between my long-arm and my domestic machine.