Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All That and a Bag of Donuts

While visiting my family in Ohio at the end of the summer, we found a great place to shop. It was a Mennonite store that sold bulk-packed goods by the pound. One of the items I purchased was a homemade donut mix.

We had a friend over for supper last night. He had mentioned wanting to cut back (actually completely cut out) desserts just this past Sunday. My husband commented towards the end of the meal that he might want to save room for "a little something". I had to inform him that there wasn't any "little something" for which to be saving room.

My daughter hopped up and pulled the donut mix out of the frig (it was just the dry ingredients). She asked if I would make them...right in front of our friend!! Well, I didn't want to be embarrassed if they did not turn out. But I agreed to give them a try. All that needed to be added to the mix was yeast and warm water.

I wish I had taken some pictures...they were flying off the plate. They were so delicious, light, fluffy, and flavorful. I will never be tempted by stop at Krispy Kreme again. I detest frying foods in the house, so that was a major drawback, but the mess just might have been worth it.

A fun and nostalgic aspect for me was that I used my grandma's donut cutter. She passed away 15 years ago. It is a biscuit cutter with a tan wooden knob on top. It has two small holes in the top of the cutter (so air can escape while you're pushing down on the dough). There are two small screws on the inside that you attach the donut hole cutter to, and so we had lots of donut holes, too. Good thing that was the only mix I had!!

Doesn't everything taste better home made?


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Beauties

Our church participated in a local festival yesterday. I didn't go, but here are two of my girls that did. Aren't they beautiful?