Tuesday, May 21, 2019

{Post 1,667} I’m A Starter

Why is STARTING a new quilt so much more appealing to me than applying that time to a UFO or WIP??

I have started 3 new projects this WEEK so far! Someone stop me!!

I added a few more blocks to my Geese on a String. There are 24 in each row in the pattern. Here is a little over half of a row (13) for starters. In the picture, on the right side, there are two groups of 3 with orange side triangles that are sewn together (I have not trimmed down the sides yet, so that is why they look off). They are at the very bottom of the row.

I with I had gotten more muted blue and orange. Here is the rug I am aiming to match or at least complement.

One of my husband’s coworkers asked me to make a baby quilt for her to gift to another coworker. The 9-patches are just laid on the background fabric. This is what she chose.

Denim blue squares on a light gray background.

The answer to my own question just came to me. As I’m cutting up shirts,  I use the largest chunks for the HST quilt I am making for the living room (the room with THE rug). Then I cut the leftovers into strips of varying widths for these blocks.

The Geese blocks use up shorter strips. Then what is left can be cut into 1-inch squares for the 4-patches that go in the Geese quilt. Question answered!!

{Post 1,666} Quilt-Along

I am not crazy about every new technology that comes out. In fact, I wish things would just. Stop. Changing. I just don’t like learning all the ins and outs of the new things you know?

Some of my children have Instagram accounts, so I signed up for one. Even though I don’t want to learn a new thing, just today I decided to post on my account. It’s “Joan Parker” if you want to take a peek, but I’m posting the same pictures here.

Kim Diehl is on Instagram. I have always liked her fabrics and designs. She is having a quilt-along from one of her new books, Simple Friendships 2. I just happened to buy that on Kindle. That is the only book of here’s that I own. So I started yesterday. I was a week behind, so I made last week’s, and then today I made this week’s. Very small pieces. I guess I’ve been using slightly bigger pieces just long enough to think the 1-1/2” squares are tiny. A 1-1/2” square finished HST??  What in the world??

The thing that is sort of bothering me is that I don’t know what fabrics to use because I don’t know what the finished product will look like. I’m wondering which ones will be next to which ones, and so on. I guess I’ll just have to wing it.

Here is week one’s pictures...

Here is week two:

Monday, May 20, 2019

{Post 1,665} Customer Sampler Quilt

This isn’t one of those professional long-arm quilter posts. I am a normal person who quilts her own quilts and occasionally for friends (and I use that word loosely). A friend brought this sampler quilt over a few weeks ago. I just got to it yesterday. Life has been so busy for me.

She is an excellent piecer and was trying some new-to-her techniques on this sampler quilt. It has such lovely fabrics. It measures 62” x 72”. The back is a sunshine yellow print.

This was quilted with meandering loops in cream thread.