Tuesday, March 4, 2014

{Post 1,333} Inspiring?

As I was cleaning up my bedroom yesterday, I came across this spool stand for the umpteenth time (however many that is!).  I decided to arrange my spools on there, knowing I didn't have nearly 60, which is the stands capacity.  Well, I have 62.  The legs on this are sort of stiff/tight, so it won't fall over easily.  This gives me some extra leg room under my sewing table since I used to keep them in a bin down there by my feet.  And the rainbow of colors is so inspiring!  

It looks like it will be quite a while before I am set up to sew again.  The lighting is so bad that I had to use my LED clip-on light to illuminate the rack enough for the colors to show up!

So many activities and little trips here and there break up the time, plus there is much to do yet to get my daughter's room ready for her to move into.  I am looking forward to a more organized and usable space for sewing.

Monday, March 3, 2014

{Post 1,332} Weekend Trip

My view on the trip to Florida this past weekend.  We left on Friday and met my daughter and SIL at the college where he works.  His nephew was having a 5th birthday party at the Sports Center so we could all bowl.

This is Rachel in the front seat (pic shot thru the headrest) with her pink Converse resting on the front dash.

My grandson (who will be one on Saturday, the 8th).  He is walking (mostly), talking (some unintelligible gibberish), but it's sooooo cute.  He is a boy on the move.  This was one of the few seconds where he was not in motion.

My husband and I teach a 2- and 3-year olds' Sunday school class.  Every quarter we get a zillion papers to sort and cut out for crafts, etc.  The new quarter starts this coming Sunday, so there was a new batch to cut.  I worked on those and read most of the 9 hours down and 6 hours from my daugher's to my MIL's.  But I did squeeze in a few moments for this.  Just a few.  It's been so long since I worked on this.

Here's a little gizmo I bought at the local Bernina shop.  It's called a Cling-on (funny for Star Trek nerds).  It has a magnet that goes inside one's clothing and has an ever-so-slightly-cupped shape for the outside to put pins, needles, small scissors, etc.

My progress by the end of daylight.  I ran out of the yellow/gold fabric, so I started putting the cream ones around.  If you want to see the rest of this project, click on the "hexagons" under labels, and it will bring up all the posts that have these in them.