Sunday, August 6, 2017

{Post, 1,553} New Quilt Underway & A-maz-ing Light

I am going to a wedding in September about 10 hours away for a young man I sorta adopted while he was in college. He is marrying a girl I only met once through him. So I decided to make them a scrappy throw for a wedding gift. I wanted something easy but impressive. 

I saw the Pecking Order quilt tutorial from Missouri Star Quilts and knew that was the one. I don't know their colors or style, but how could I go wrong with this? This is 96/210 blocks. About 45%.

The blocks are 5" square unfinished.

This light made this nighttime picture possible. I got it at a rescue mission thrift store for $10, less than the cost of the 2 daylight bulbs that came in it!! Although it is orange (probably not a highly sought-after color),  my room has orange in the curtains and the wreath, so it is a winner.

The design wall is pushed into the corner, so that explains the odd angle of the wreath.

Hope you enjoyed something you love today.