Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Footwear?

Ruby Slippers...this is a two-color quilt. The pattern is from Atkinson Designs. I pieced this during several evenings of insomnia. It lacks an outer border yet. Soon...very soon.

This is "baby" size...with the border, it will be about 65" x 45", I think.

A close-up of the center...very fast and easy. The blocks finish at 6" square.

A busy day of laundry, weeding, cooking, and possible some painting later...if it all comes together!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two Tops Ready to Machine Quilt

I am going to be getting machine quilting thread for the borders of these two quilts in a few minutes. I can't find a picture of my 20th Century Bull's eye with borders, but they are dark brown inner border and a orangy/dark red for the outer. Stay tuned--it will be machine quilted before you know it. Hahahahaha...

Here is the center of my Steps and Stars...I added the outer two borders this AM...

I will be looking for a matching green thread for the outer border.

This measures about 70" x 90"...much bigger than I originally anticipated.

Eager to get started on these, but first, a trip to the quilt shop for thread.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

As The Stomach Turns

I am writing this post at 2:37 AM. Yes, that's right--AM. No--I don't know why. I think it has to do with the change of life. Seeing as I've been sleep deprived for nearly 22 years now, this hardly constitutes a change. Usually I am awakened during the night by someone or something. Now I just can't fall asleep. So I guess that IS a change. Any suggestions for making this stop would be greatly appreciated.

As I lay in bed earlier--much earlier--staring into the inky blackness, I kept thinking about Ruby Slippers. That is the name of the quilt pictured above. The one I have cut and pieced since midnight tonight. After I looked through all the patterns I have pulled but not made over the past ten years. The ones that live in clear page protectors in my bookcase in a magazine file. Now I at least have refreshed my memory and can dream of others that have suffered neglect for far too long. Like
this one that I only had the pattern for 14 years or so before making it this fall.

I only cut up the red scraps still in a pile on my cutting table from the huge mother load I bought from my sister and the cream from a bolt. The quilt top is half-finished if it's a twin size. I might make it larger. This truly worked up sooooo quickly. The pieces are larger than I usually use. It's an Atkinson Designs pattern, so there is no pinning...all the pressing assures that the units just fall into place.

The reds run the gammit from pinkish to bright red to rust to barn red. One has tiny bits of green, but you sure can't see it from the distance from which the picture was taken. All Thimbleberries naturally. Gotta use what you have.

Instead of Ruby Slippers, this might be Insomnia Solution.