Tuesday, February 23, 2021

{Post 1746} Sewing Like A Whirling Dervish

 When I’m not sewing, I’m thinking about what projects I need to finish. My son is getting married 4/24. I am moving his queen-sized wedding quilt to the top of my list because it is so intricate. Well, I thought it was. I ended up making 6 light star and 1 dark star block this AM. That was because I cut down a bunch of scraps last night to use. The blocks finish at 9” square. Before my sewing session, I needed 15 light and 15 dark blocks. Then I add those 30 blocks to the mother ship and add a 5” border. So the end is in sight. I just wanted to cut down all the small squares I had in my drawers to get them out and used up. The squares are 2” before being sewn. 

I took a break from home schooling while my grandson ate a little something. Back to the salt mines now.