Saturday, December 1, 2012

{Post 1,094} Bedroom Update Part 1

While I am not completely finished, I have made great progress.  My desk is completely cleaned off and organized. I even set up my charging station for my iPod, phone, camera, and tablet (back left corner).  I have always set my lamp up on something, and the station itself is the perfect height.  All things from the top have been put away.

Before and after (and notice in the before that my computer isn't even on the desk):

Here's a better picture of my bathroom with the flower arrangement:

I went through all my wall quilts that are not hanging right now and got them rolled up and put in the cedar chest in my room.

Here is the chest of drawers before and after:

I had to do a slight repair on my December "Count on It" quilt.  Where baby Jesus' neck and "shirt" touch, the red showed through the flesh-colored fabric.  I held my breath and cut into the quilt from the back, feeling like a textile surgeon.  The operation was a success.  AND I have a cleared-off chest of drawer top.  This and the cedar chest are my two hot spots in this room that attract clutter.

Off to do 48 hours worth of dishes (we've hardly been home) and make a dessert for a luncheon tomorrow!


{Post 1,093} Update Around Here

One of my sons and I have been sick for a week.  Miserable existence, but it could be so much worse.  I was feeling a little energy last night before bedtime, so I made a list of a few things to get done today.  Then, drats, I only slept about an hour and got up until after 4:30 this morning.  

The 3rd thing on my list of 21 (I stopped making the list at that point because it was becoming depressing and overwhelming) was to finish arranging the flowers in the cone in my bathroom.  Here is what the bathroom sink area looked like after we took down the big mirror and installed medicine cabinets WITH STORAGE!!  After much deliberation, I purchased a floral cone made out of a thick wire-looking stuff that had been aged to rust and looked good.  I had a dickens of a time getting something to look good IN it, however.  This is what I came up with this AM:

Then I topped it off by scrubbing our bathroom from stem to stern.  Whew!  Now on to our bedroom (which I constantly feel guilty about because it's my "dumping ground" instead of a restful retreat).  New purchase of craft supplies?  DUMP.  New-to-us clothes from Goodwill that need washed?  DUMP.  Paperwork?  DUMP.  Bobbins, thimbles, etc.?  DUMP.  Christmas decorations (finished or in process that I don't know where to put)?  DUMP.  Box for broken blender waiting to be returned?  DUMP.  I'm sure you get the picture.

I took some before pictures.  The afters are always so inspiring.  Off to tackle the first area!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{Post 1,092} Little ZZ Center Finished

The center of the Little ZZ (I think that stands for Zig Zag) is finished.  I am so done in.  Whatever this is that has me by the throat (literally) is wearing me out.  It's like a cold that has all settled in my throat.  Makes me cough a lot, and I'm short of breath nearly all the time.  Heaven forbid I have to WALK!!

This did, indeed turn out the projected size of 17-1/2" x 23".

As usual, I sew first and think of a recipient later.  I had several different people in mind.  Now I know who it will be, but they don't know it's them, so I'll keep the recipient a surprise for now.


{Post 1,091} Runner Rearranged and Partially Sewn

Here is the progress picture on my runner.  I did it.  I rearranged some of the blocks.  I noticed in the sample picture that there are 3-5 blocks of one color in a row, so I f-o-r-c-e-d myself to do it.  

The top left corner is sewn together, and I have 3 more rows pieced to add later (just lying quietly on the design wall).  Off for an errand and might sew more later.

{Post 1,090} New Runner Started

My sweet 14-year-old got her top braces off yesterday.  We left our house at 7:30 and didn't get home until 4:15.  I have been under the weather (yes, that's me coughing and hacking), so I was completely exhausted after all that running around.

We went to Hobby Lobby for a couple specific things.  I always peruse the quilt magazines while I'm there.  I saw this little runner (17" x 23") and decided to give it a go.  

It is a FREE pattern from Fons and Porter.  I love free patterns.  I cut out a bunch of strips this morning, sewed them together, subcut some units, and some triangles.

Here is the quilt laid out on my design wall.  It is in perfectly OCD rows of green and red zigzags.  I tried to mix them up as I laid them out, but I.  could.  not.  

I sewed a bunch of strips up and ended up with about twice as many red units as green.  One of the things that appealed to me about the original quilt's picture is that the colors are all red and green, but they are mixed up.  Can *I* do THAT??  I'm gonna try before I call it a finished design layout.  I want to be less perfectionist, but old habits die hard.  Stay tuned.