Tuesday, February 25, 2014

{Post 1,331} This Much Closer

I've been out of the house MOST of the day between an eye appointment for my youngest son, then lunch out (thanks for the free sandwiches, Chick-fil-A), then picking out new frames for my son, then to Good News Club with Rachel (love seeing "my kids"), then several trips to the karate dojo.

Above are two more pictures of the soon-to-be finished product. 

I tried taking an aerial view of the mantle and hearth by standing on a ladder in the middle of the room.  The fireplace has a package of large indoor flood lamps and a huge putty knife in it...just to add ambiance!  At least I rolled the BRUTE trash can out of the way for the picture.  Soon I'll be spray painting the former fireplace screen black.  I think it will make it look even bettter!

Nearly all the baseboard and closet trim are up.  They look marvelous.  Plain, bright white.  Lovely.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

{Post 1,329} Landing For Steps

One other small but amazing transformation in our basement.  This is the before and after of the landing at the base of the steps.  The tan carpet (like that on the steps) was removed and some extra laminate flooring from Elisabeth's room was put there.  Wow--what a difference.  The transition strip was put between that and the tile floor in the hallway downstairs.  Little by little, we are making it happen!

This week (starting this afternoon), we are painting more trim for the fireplace, staining more wood for it, spray painting the fireplace screen and vent covers (black and white respectively).  The men we hired hope to hang the closet doors in the room and hall as well as put in the baseboard trim in the room.  We.  are.  nearly.  finished.