Saturday, October 22, 2011

{Post #836} More Quilts Listed on eBay

My AM was spent sewing.  Very relaxing.  I was mostly alone for several hours, and what better way to spend them?  My daughter, Rachel, pieced the inside of both of these quilts.

I added the borders and quilted and bound the top one.  They are both for sale on eBay.  I just love I Spy quilts.  Playing with them is so fun, and of course, they can be used as "covers".  They are great as well hangings, too.  So much punch and color for a wall!!

I ordered a table top quilt rack to make some little calendar quilts.  I was inspired by Michelle.  I tried to resist, but I just had to get the book and stand.  (sigh)...I'm blaming it on Michelle's too-cute-to-resist quilts.

Baking bread and home made (vegan) herb-seasoned French fries.  Might have time to make a little October quilt.  What do you think?  I'll give it my best.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

{Post #835} I Spy for Sale

I recently (I think it was yesterday) sent my friend, Sam, an envelope of I Spy prints.  I love pawing thru my I Spy stash.  I had just finished the zigzag layout for a surprise quilt and wanted to make an I Spy using that pattern.  Here is the result.

I am listing this on eBay in a few.  These are fantastic for quiet play at home, at grandma's, in the car.  I always used one with the older children while I was nursing the baby.  That way they were close enough to keep an eye on and I could bond with them.

How do you play with this quilt?  Easy person finds something and says "I spy an orange" or "I spy the Cat in the Hat" and the other person finds it.


{Post #834} For Debbie S

This is a quilt I machine quilted for Debbie S.  Her family is in Peru.  They are missionaries.  I met DS a couple years back.  We realized we also shared an interest in quilting.  Debbie pieced this lovely quilt top for her daughter but would not be able to quilt it before they left the states.  Her MIL is going to be visiting during the end of the year, so I volunteered to quilt it for her.  

Debbie has a lot of things occupying her time these days, and this was something I could do to help her.  Aren't the colors in this quilt marvelous?  She did an amazing job.