Saturday, January 9, 2010

Steps and Stars...20 Blocks Strong

Finished a few more blocks last night so I could see a larger portion of this quilt. I really like it, especially when I squint a little!! I like the way the stars look like squares on point because the tans blend in with them. Then the other stars are surrounded by a jaggedy dark box on point. Quilters understand this, right??

There are 17 star blocks total for the size I am making. I am cutting these from one strip of 6" wide fabric, which leaves me with a couple logs for the steps blocks to boot...makes it all match a little more. The cream star backgrounds are all the same.

Saw two more projects I want to make soon in a fabric catalog this AM. I need to stop looking. I want to make a table runner for my secret sister from church. I have some units ready, so that shouldn't be a problem. Stay tuned!


Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Must-Have Quilt

Saw one of these on someone else's blog a few days ago and remembered that this is another pattern I would like to have a quilt made from...a spool quilt!! Hers was the perfect size, so I am making mine the same. The blocks finish at 4-1/2" square. I have a stack of 2" strips already cut, so I am cutting a few blocks at a time. Here is what I have so far.

We finished school in record time today, so while I was cooling down from an exercise DVD, I pieced a few more blocks for this quilt. It's coming along nicely.

Two of my girls and one son were sick today. One of those girls was resting in my bedroom. That is where my quilt frame is, so I did not get a chance to machine quilt today. It would have interrupted her rest.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just Got Started on Quilting for K

We had such a good school day. Things went so smoothly (thank you, Lord) that I was able to start the machine quilting on my sister's daughter's quilt (that would be K). Also, thank God, my machine has not acted up once. It is sewing along smoothly.

I'd love to work on it some more, but I have determined to work out (aka do some exercise) every day after lunch time. I've put it off long enough today.

So, down I go to do a Leslie Sansone DVD and improve my health a little.

***Newsflash--my son is going to teach me how to use a PhotoShop program for my pictures. I figured out how to crop and save them, but there's lots more available.***


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Steps and Stars

Thus beginneth another quilt. I had some pieces cut out for this quilt, Steps and Stars, and just had to sew a few blocks together to see how it would look for real (as compared to the magazine picture). I've been saving this pattern for years and years. It is pinned on top of an I Spy my daughter pieced on my design wall. I was sorting through scraps and cutting some pieces for this...won't be long before I have another quilt top to quilt!! The blocks are 12" finished.


First Top to Quilt

This is a gorgeous quilt top my sister made (a *cough, cough* REALLY long time ago) for her 2nd daughter. It is an Irish Chain with a Star thrown in for more beauty. I am going to load it onto my quilt fram today. I planned to start it yesterday, but realized I was nearly out of the thread I am going to use to quilt it. The colors and workmanship are beautiful. It is a twin-sized quilt.

How many large quilt tops do I have of my own to quilt? TWENTY!! I, myself, would have guessed 5 or 6. Someone has been busy!! I thought I should maybe give some of them away, but I like them all enough to keep. What is a girl to do?



Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quilty Update

This quilt is a surprise for someone, so I won't say too much. It's going in the mail tomorrow. If it doesn't turn up in your mail box within a week, chances are that is wasn't for YOU.

I don't even remember the name of this quilt. I DO recall thinking it was a really cool design and ended up being much easier to make than I thought it would be.

**I found the book that the pattern is in, and the quilt is named Another Mosaic.**

Here's a closeup of one block. All the cream in the background is the same print, and each pinwheel is made of 4 matching blades. The rest is scrappy. If you are new to the quilting world, scrappy = fun. Scrappy means using that one last 2" strip of your favorite fabric. Scrappy means being able to look at your quilt with interest for longer than ten seconds. Scrappy means losing count of the different fabrics once you reach 60 or so.

Here is the progress on my Christmas quilt. I have the original quilt size made. I laid it on my bed and realized I need to make at least 3 more pieced blocks. I can do that! Right? Soon? Probably not.

I'll let you in on a little secret...

We had friends over for supper last night. I was showing the wife (hi, Marti!) my quilts in progress. That is, all the quilts that are not completely finished. While I had that short stack out, I thought it would be a good idea to inventory the little whippersnappers just so I could keep track. I am also considering buying a quilting machine to replace my relic. How many completed except for quilting tops do you think I have? These are all at least twin-sized quilts. Several are queen size.

I'll tell you tomorrow! Until then, I'm going to hang my head in shame and get QUILTING!! My sister's daughter's quilt is first. I'm just generous like that...putting her quilt ahead of all mine. Just ask her...I'm her favorite sister. And there are good reasons for that:

1. I'm her only sister.

2. Her quilt has been pieced even longer than any of mine.

3. I'm her only sister.

4. I machine quilt large quilt tops.

5. I'm her only sister.

Until tomorrow...keep on stitching!


Grits are Great!

We're having beef roll ups, grits, and brown gravy for breakfast. Give grits a chance!!

All the schoolwork is up-to-date, and I have a date with my husband tonight. Yippee for both.

Have a great day!