Saturday, August 6, 2011

{#764} Emily's Hearthside Memories Quilt

Here is Emily with her newest quilt from me.  It is called Hearthside Memories.  She really likes it!  Her kitchen walls are about the same color as mine.  This is taken in MY kitchen.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

{#763} Look Who's Sitting Up!

Look who's sitting up admiring her I Spy Quilt!  This is a friend's daughter.  I saved the picture right side up, but every time I upload it to Blogger, it's on its right side again.  Sorry about the crick in your neck as you peel your right cheek off your shoulder.

Time to start another I Spy, I guess.  Thanks for sharing the pic, S!!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Which One of These Things is Not Like The Others?



I have a love/hate relationship with painting.  I LOVE the way freshly painted items look, but I would rather be doing something else!  I also know a post w/o pictures is boring.  I painted all the trim in our tiny hall this AM.  FIVE doorways and a closet door.  It is definitely the trim nightmare.  But it.  is.  finished!!

I am working on some new secret blocks, but I am going to show one picture here.  I am thinking I'll need at least 99, maybe more if I make it wider.  I am planning on 9 x 11 blocks for now.  I am piecing them 4 at a time.  My 1-1/2" strips box is nearly empty...the most empty it's ever been since its birth.  That means cutting more strips in the future. 

Here are the first four blocks.  They all have the same dark for the center HST, but the finished quilt will, of course, have much more variety.  The blocks finish at 10" square...nice round number, eh?

They are the ones on the right (hee hee)...

The quilt top on the left is for an upcoming bridal shower.  I am fairly sure the recipient does not read my blog.  Have to just add a border to the one on the left (which has the blocks sewn together).  Scale is so important in a quilt.  The left top is going to be a wall hanging or table mat.  The one on the right will be a queen-sized quilt, so I can get away with larger pieces.  The left has 3/4" finished "logs" and the right has 1" finished.  It's the huge centers on the right that makes the scale look so different.

Off to do some more work!  Thank God for the strength to do it.


Monday, August 1, 2011

{#761} Thees Ees Not Good

I talked to my husband briefly on my phone.  I vacuumed out under the frig and the coils, I reorganized and purged some stuff from two of my cabinets.  I pulled my phone out of my pocket to text the bride-to-be...I was shocked to see my phone screen was...well, not sure what it is, but I know what it is's not working.  Have no idea what happened.

If I could find my to-do list, I'd know what else I had to do!


{#760} Cure for Summer Boredom

I have been enjoying some extra time with the only two of my eight children that are home right now.  All my children are fun to be with, and somehow it is easier to notice when they are not all here!!

Anyway...with Emily's wedding coming up in less than two weeks and my oldest daugher coming home from being gone all summer, there are a plethora of small chores to do.  I made up a list, and we all (all three of us, that is) went through and picked ones we would be responsible actually looks doable!

Yay for helpers!  Off to a great start this AM...