Thursday, May 31, 2018

{Post 1,587} Kitchen Upgrade

I am doing a huge project....painting all my kitchen cabinets. We have an island as well as a built-in desk area with 6 doors’ worth of upper cabinets above it. I started with the island and lower desk cabinets so I could see if we liked the paint color I selected. It was so different from our former cream that it took a day or so for us to get used to it. Those doors/drawers also did not need any prep other than washing, so I opted for the easiest starting place.

Here is the before of the desk with the lower drawers out:

In the above picture, the upper cabinets are still the off-white color, not freshly painted...yet.

Here is the after...the grey is called Mindful Grey. The uppers are painted bright white in this picture.

I still need to clean and paint the kickplates. That will be an awfully hard job for me. At my age and health, it is hard to get down on the floor and back up!

The hardest part (for me) of this project is waiting for the paint to dry. It is advised to let it cure 3 days before putting it back up. In the meantime, many drawers and doors are emptied out and all over the counters and floor.

To add to the mayhem, there are several other things going on here....

~My 3-year-old and 6-month-old grandsons are with us 24 hours a day 5 days a week.

~Our double ovens died right after I baked the first 12-count pan of 200 cupcakes a few weeks back. We opted to buy a single oven to replace it because of cost and amount of use the double oven has had in the past couple years with 4 of us here instead of 10 (and the other two are leaving at the end of the forever and one for a semester). It has been partially installed for over a week. That means tools and mess all over the place.

~We have a friend who lives alone and is blind. He fell Tuesday when he was with 2 of my children. They took him to the hospital. He came to our house from there. He will need extensive surgery and is finding it very difficult to do the easiest of tasks for himself as you can imagine. 

I will do more updates soon.