Saturday, April 18, 2020

{Post 1,714} Another Day of Isolation

These have been strange days, indeed. I am somewhat of a loner as it is. I have had to make myself reach out to people during this time of “sheltering at home”. Being a homebody, this has not been a hardship for me. I have over 100 bolts of fabric at my house because I used to sell Thimbleberries fabric online from my home. I probably need to think about doing that again as I still have way more than I could ever use in this lifetime.

I would love if some of you would share one very good thing that has come from the sheltering time we are experiencing. I can think of several, but this is one of my favorites. My youngest daughter is leading a time of sharing from our personal Bible study Monday through Friday. As odd as it sounds, I know the ladies in her church from their voices. How do I know this? The first time I joined their group, there was a glitch with my Zoom app. I could hear them, but I could not see them (that cleared up on day #2). But I have spent so much time at their church and talked and talked to so many of them that I knew who was speaking just be hearing them. But my point is that I have loved sharing what we get from God’s Word. She is using the acronym SOAP: scripture (reading ourselves), observations (that she asks us to volunteer to share), application (again—voluntary), and prayer, which we end with. It is 30-40 minutes per session. Rachel encourages us to read and journal our findings ahead of time. It has been just delightful as her mom to see her lead this group of ladies all older than her. She is gracious, encouraging, and knowledgeable. I am so proud of the young lady that she has become.

In other news, I am making so many masks, as I am sure many of you are. After my family and church family were covered (pun intended), I reached out to neighbors and friends through Facebook. I also made and donated quite a few to a charity that my pastor supports.  Now I am selling some on eBay. I have made all adult masks until today. I have developed a pattern for children. Several states have a mandate/order/whatever in place now that requires anyone going out in public to be wearing a mask. One of my sons and his family live in such a state, so I got to make them for his little girls and wife. Our lives have all been affected by this virus, haven’t they?

The above mask (orange) is one for a child. The loop of T-shirt “ribbon” goes around the back of their neck, then the strings are pulled to adjust it to fit over their nose and mouth and chin. Then the string is tied behind their head. The “ribbon string” is made from cutting a tube of t-shirt into one-inch widths and pulling it. It makes the perfect slightly stretchy soft tie for a child. The pleats open up once it is on, so it fits all the crucial areas for a mask.

Below are some of my favorite adult masks. I bought a boatload of black elastic, and I only have enough left for about 20 more masks. I am praying what I ordered comes in soon. I don’t think I will see the end of mask-making for some time.

Have you given serious thought to where your soul will spend eternity? Ten out of ten people will die. Sin is like a virus that none of us can escape. Have you asked God to save you from the penalty of your sins so you will go to heaven when you die? I would love to “chat” with anyone who has questions.

I have been making masks every spare moment. Now it’s late, and I have to lay this old head to rest.

Have a good night!

Sunday, April 12, 2020

{Post 1,713} Easter Sunday

Christ the Lord is risen today! Allelujah!! Easter is my favorite holiday. Christ triumphed over the grave and now lives in heaven forever. His resurrection is one of the most reliable and well-documented facts in human history. Most of those writings were from people that were not religious. Many saw Him walking the earth after His death before His ascension into heaven where He is preparing a place for those who accept Him as Saviour. Glory!

Now onto everyday life. I resisted the mask-making pressure until this past week. When the CDC recommended everyone wear them to protect others (which, in spite of many conspiracy theories, I believe helps the spread of the virus). So I’ve made many this week. I mailed some to everyone in our family and have sold some (for the low, low price of $5 each) to neighbors. I have mailed them to far-away friends (as far as Japan) that are asking me to make some for them. I have also made a lot to donate to charities I support. I think I could make them in my sleep. Here’s my hubby wearing his...isn’t he a cutie??

Here is the video I have been using with a couple tweaks to their pattern.  I can’t figure out how to share a clickable link. Search YouTube for “How to Make Face Mask with Filter Pocket and Adjustable Wire” by EasyToSew. I use a pipe cleaner (also available at Dollar Tree) for the nose wire.

I have just been using my fabric stash. I bought many 1/4” headbands from Dollar Tree to use for elastic. They work great. That’s about all I’ve been doing besides the occasional meal. My machine quilting work has been put on the back burner. My customers understand.

I am praying you all are well. I love to hear from each of you, so don’t think any comment you have is unimportant.