Friday, May 18, 2012

{Post #974} Black and White

This is a color catcher sheet next to a white sheet.  Even though I prewashed all the shirts I bought (and they all had been likely washed many times before I got them), the color catcher still was a lovely grey when it come out of the washer after a spin with my tan and blue spiderweb.  How can that be?  I even prewashed my backing fabric!

Off to a quilt show in Greensboro, NC with my Rachel tomorrow AM.  It's about 2-1/2 hours away, so a lot of our time will be spent in travel.  I'm looking forward to it anyway!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

{Post #973} For My B-Friend, Julie

I O-fish-a-lee LOVE this quilt!  Here it is in all its post-dried quiltiness.  The back is brushed cotton, just ready to snuggle a new baby boy!

These pics are for Julie, my B-friend (that's blog-friend for those not in the know).  I hold her and Bonnie H. co-responsible for my new addiction to plaid/shirt quilts.  

Why aren't there more quilting hours in a day?  

So I can cross off one baby quilt from my list of five I need before the end of August.  Then today I added 4 more names.  Two church ladies and two of my daughter's sisters-in-law.  Yippee!!


{Post #972} Rectangle Wrangle

I have a few more blocks to make for the center of this quilt, but here is a pic from my design wall from this AM.

I am going to make 4 more blocks and make this into a baby quilt.  I had 5 baby quilts to make for ladies in our church.  One baby was delivered Saturday AM, and Monday I found out two more ladies are expecting!  How exciting!!

The above quilt blocks are 6" wide and 12" long.  I am going to make one more for the blank spot and 3 more for along the left side to make it 36" tall and 36" wide as well.  I'll add a little brown border then a larger one.  

Stay tuned for the last pictures of my tan and blue spiderweb quilt.  Last night during BYOC I finished hand sewing the binding.  It's in the dryer now.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{Post #971} Nearly Finished Spiderweb Quilt

I got up early and finished the quilting on the tan and blue spiderweb quilt.  Then I cut binding strips from the backing that was trimmed off and had to cut one more strip to make enough binding to go around the quilt.  I pressed it and machine-sewed it to the quilt front.  I was going to sew it by machine to the back, but I decided to do it by hand.  The backings are brushed cotton and a little thicker than my usual fabric choice.

And a close up of the center.

After the binding is finished I will be posting another picture after the washing and drying.  Can you stand one more picture of this quilt??


Monday, May 14, 2012

{Post #970} Baby Spiderweb Quilt

Here's the quilting progress on my blue and tan spiderweb quilt.  I wanted to try a couple new things.  The one thing I aim for when I machine quilt is not having to break the thread many times and making it evenly quilted all over.

This is about 48" square.  Over the weekend I watched the baby's older 3 siblings (with lots of help from my husband and children).  I did manage to piece a section of batting from scrap strips and piece a backing for this quilt.

Since this is a spiderweb quilt, I thought it would be neat to quilt some spiderwebs in the...well...spiderwebs.  They turned out neat and I only had to stop and start in 3 places (I think) within the body of the quilt.

I wanted to try some feathers, so I am doing those in the 4-pointed "stars" between the spiderwebs.  I am liking these although it's my first time.

In the border I just did a meandering pattern in navy blue.

The spiderwebs were quilted in navy blue and the 3-looped feathers in tan...both to match the background fabrics.  Sort of! 

I only have about 5 more stars to quilt but must call it a night.