Friday, March 20, 2020

{Post 1,709} Potholder Pandemonium

From what I read and hear, crafters have the same blender mindset. What I mean is that every idea we come across just goes in the blender. It keeps circling back through my thoughts from time to time.

For example, I was squaring up a twin bed’s worth of quilt blocks lately. I had this mess. Instead of throwing it away (it was, after all, super thin slivers of scraps and muslin), I pushed it into a quart Mason jar on my cutting table.

The next day I recalled a Pinterest post about making trivets and pot holders from tiny shavings. So I started to make one. I had a customer picking up as well as dropping off quilts. She had been out of town for a couple months. I asked her if she was stopping at Hobby Lobby on her way to my house. A girl has to restock after being out of town! She was, and I asked her to get me this.

That led to the following pictures which are self explanatory. The quilting is less than an inch apart in all directions, horizontal, vertical, and on the diagonal both directions. The trivet/pot holder finishes at 6-1/2” square. I bound it just like I would a quilt.

Are you like me? Does a new, successful project just make you soooooo happy? This is a little library of all the fabrics in this new quilt. I love it. The soluble fabric rinses off after the quilting. It is magic, I tell you!

Stay well. It is so important to eat well (no junk), exercise, get enough rest, etc. Leave me a message

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

{Post 1,708} Quilts, Grandchildren, and More Quilts

I think I could sew 24/7 and never catch up with my wish list of personal quilts for my home and for gifts, let alone for my booth! With the stay-at-homing going on, I’ve sewn a lot recently. I will just put these out there with sizes.

There are two queen-sized customer quilts I cannot transfer from my phone to my iPad. My phone must be pouting.

This is the back of a baby quilt I machine quilted for a customer:

This is a 27” square patriotic paper-pieced quilt I am making for my booth. I want to make at least one more to keep.

This is a baby quilt I made for a friend in my church who had her precious little nipper this past Saturday.

I had 50 of these disappearing 4-patch blocks pieced when a friend from childhood asked me to make her a quilt. She loves the 1930 reproduction prints, so I made more blocks (over 50 more) and just finished piecing the top this AM. On to the pressing, quilting, labeling, and binding!!

This is another patriotic quilt I am making for my booth. It is all Thimbleberries prints. It still needs an inner and outer border and quilting. With the corona virus thing going on, I doubt my booth will even be open much longer, let along in time for 4th of July. I thought I was getting ahead by making these so early, but it might be for naught. Oh, well.

Now let’s have a look at some grand babies. Pictures only here.

I ordered a large 3-ring binder (with 4” tall ring holders) to make a “catalog” of my quilt pattern selections. I guess with so many things shut down now, it would be a good time to quilt up some samples. That would make it easier for my customers to select a pattern. Sounds good, but where is my motivation?