Friday, December 31, 2010


Since I plan on making a bunch of these, I figured I should make one in its entirety before going hog wild. I see some things I would change already. Colors I would or would not use next time.

I put a piece of muslin behind my snowman (which is made from batting). You can still see the green through it slightly, but it's much better than without it.

I am going to use black seed beads for the eyes and mouth. The knots are too big for my liking.

A friend of our family called earlier and asked if he could take our whole family out for supper. We just got back, but now we're going to their house for some games and fellowship.

Happy new year!


Something New

One of my blog readers is sending bricks for my Texas Braid. They won't be here for a few days, so in the mean time I am giving that project a rest.

My sister made one of these doorknob hangers for her MIL a while back. I think it is adorable. I'm going to start piecing one today. Then, if all goes well, I will be making these for Christmas presents for NEXT YEAR. Ho ho ho, ha ha ha, hee hee hee...imagine ME making presents ahead of time!!

Off to begin selecting fabric for the first. Without the hanger, it is about 4" x 10".


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

View of All of the Texas Braid So Far

But first, a picture of my morning view. This is the YMCA I frequent nearly every morning (except Sundays...yeah!!). I am always glad I went...later. This AM I increased the weight on 3 of my machines. It's amazing how much of a difference five pounds makes.

Once school was underway, I had two of my boys hold up the Texas Braid so you could get a peek at the whole thing. It's 98" long, so about 1/3 of it is draped over the back of the design wall in all my other pictures. I like how the occasional really dark or light brick makes the top seem to sparkle, but the red cornerstones down the middle of each row gives the eye a place to rest.

Calling to order a Handi-Quilter now. Yippee!!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Promised Kathie a Picture

I was reading Kathie's blog and saw that she just pieced a little snowball quilt. Hers is blue with white snowballs and so cute. I am nearly finished handquilting this little runner. I started making the blocks because I was going to make a sampler quilt, then I decided I should not take on another big time-consuming project. Aren't you proud of me? So I used the blocks to make this runner instead.

Nearly finished with the quilting. I did a double diagonal line (1/4" apart) through the center of each snowball. One line would have taken half the time, but it is so small! This has been my YMCA project for about a week. I work on it after I finish my circuit on the exercise machines and am waiting for the others in my family. No problem for me to wait! More hand quilting time.


Monday, December 27, 2010

11/16 of The Way There, and Then Some

Here is my Texas Braid, 11 rows completely finished, and a couple partial rows in the works. This has been fun to work on. I highly recommend Bonnie Hunter's book, Adventures with Leaders and Enders. This has been one of the easiest quilts to make ever. Not one pin used in the construction, which proves that careful cutting and proper pressing ensure a nice, flat quilt top. Tomorrow I am going to machine baste around the top and bottom edges of the quilt. Every edge is bias!

In the pic above, the quilt hangs down behind my design wall about another 48" or so.

Will likely be ordering a Handi-Quilter tomorrow!! Good times!


They've Driven Off Into The Sunset

***Both of the following pictures were taken by my daughter, Susanna. Many apologies for not giving her credit earlier.***

Actually--make that sunRISE!!

Here is the scene on Steve's car dashboard. These are their beloved Chick-fil-A mini moos, Timmy and Roxie. Susanna and Emily will be in FL for about a week. We had a grand visit while Steve was here.

Above is a picture we took just moments before they left. The travelers are in their traveling clothes (a la Sound of Music) on the bench in the front. Some of us (ahem) had just been awakened moments before the picture, but at least we're all present!!

Hoping to get back to "normal" soon.