Saturday, June 30, 2012

{Post #998} Fair and Square Quilted!

Wow--this is a big finish.  I have never done machine quilting that was so intensive or dense.  I.  love.  it!!

I am looking forward to seeing it washed and dried.  I sewed the binding onto the front.  I used one shirt and had enough to go around another two sides.  Much more fabric there than I thought.

Friday, June 29, 2012

{Post #997} My World

Welcome to my world!  The above picture is a shot from my life yesterday.  I got a surprise package in the mail from Natasha.  She had told me it was coming, but what could it be?  SELVAGES!  She had cut into some new fabric and had selvages she saved for me.  How thoughtful is she??

This is a shot from my cutting table.  Starting on the left and going clockwise I have incoming mail, car keys (never far from my hot little hand), a set of I Spy squares I listed on eBay, Thimbleberries scraps, my camera case (also never far), a string setting triangle for my Squares Surrounded top, my water cup, and a 6" x 12" ruler.

Guess how long I've been using that water cup?  It is easy to remember.  My 1,000th post for this blog is coming up (how can THAT be?).  I will have a giveaway in honor of my upcoming 1,000th post for the person who can guess most closely how long that cup has been used by moi.  It is easy for me to remember because I got it on what some would consider a special occasion.  I will give away a set of Thimbleberries FQs to the winner.  Let's set the deadline for guessing as Monday at noon my time (east coast).

The cup has some special qualities.  It has a black interior (which you can't see in the photo).  That was important when I used to drink soda because I favored Diet Pepsi, Diet Coke, or Diet Dr. Pepper.  The kids couldn't tell WHAT I was drinking because even water (my current beverage of choice) looks black when in "the cup".  It is double-walled, so no condensation.  Most importantly, it is really big.  It is seldom w/o ice water in it for me.  

Funny memory...all my kids and DH know that this is MY cup.  Once when DH's father and stepmother were visiting from another state, she walked into the living room saying she had to take some pills and needed a little water to swallow them with.  She walked in holding MY cup, and the kids all collectively gasped.  It was akin to someone sitting in DAD'S chair!!  Thanks to their wonderful upbringing no doubt, none of them actually SAID anything.  


Thursday, June 28, 2012

{Post #996} Fair & Square Quilting...Cool!!

I tried a new machine quilting continuous free motion pattern.  It is loosely based on a pattern I saw somewhere, but I don't think the designer would want to be associated with me, so without further ado...may I present my new design?  

It is going very slowly.  Lots of places to be very careful.  I just took a break to debone some shirts.  I bought 8 yesterday.  The thrift store was having a 50% off sale.  It was very crowded.  Fun times!

~Joan, who is desperately trying to keep herself from starting any new quilts.  H-e-l-p!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

{Post #995} New Sewing Buddy!

Look who's stitching!  My youngest, Isaac (12), tackled the daunting task of learning to run a sewing machine tonight.  First he laid out an I Spy on my design wall.  Then I showed him how to take it off to make it easy to web it.  He.  did.  an.  awesome.  job.  

He got a whole I Spy top webbed (the horizontal rows sewn together).  In a couple days we'll work on it again...tomorrow is booked solid.

Here he is in action...nose to the "grindstone"...

I also finished the top of my Fair & Square quilt as well as piecing a back for it.  I needed 5 more inches of length beyond the WOF.  In the drawers under my cutting table I found a stack of 3-1/2" x 5-1/2" rectangles.  I have no earthly idea what they were intended for, but the fabrics are very old.  That ship seems to have sailed, so I pieced them side-to-side and put them between two pieces of gold fabric for a backing for Fair & Square.  There were just enough rectangles :)


Monday, June 25, 2012

{Post #994} Square Surrounded Coming Along

Here is the part of my Square Surrounded that are sewn together so far.  I don't know how to make the red in the picture be some other color.  The second picture shows another two rows laid out but not attached to the mother ship yet.

The top picture measures 42" from the edge of the quilt to the edge of the last blue square's point.