Tuesday, December 17, 2019

{Post 1,700} Wow!! #1,700

I am shocked that I have posted to my blog 1,700 times. That seems monumental.

I started renting a bookshelf at an antique/craft mall a couple weeks ago. I just gathered up quilted runners and some small quilts to put in it. Many ornaments were made. I have enjoyed it all. The owners asked me to consider having a booth instead of a bookshelf. I think that is a good decision because the bookshelf is poorly lighted. There is not room to display the runners or quilts very well. It is something I think about pretty much every waking moment. Mostly how to develop the look I want. I bought two wooden floor quilt racks at a thrift store last week. I also have a changing table that I have stored quilts on in my home that I plan to use for baby quilts. With Christmas so near, much of my otherwise spare time will be spent on preparing for that. My youngest daughter, her husband, and son (5 months old—whoo-hoo) will be staying with us for five days and nights (I can hardly wait), so I will have extra cooking and cleaning. All booth-related work will come to a standstill, and I’m fine with that!!

When I haven’t posted for a while, I always look back though my photos to see what I’ve been up to.

Here is a wood slice I hand painted for my selling space:

Next are two 12” square quilts I made from the same pattern, but with different fabrics. These are also at my bookshelf. They were still there today.

This happened before I got the bookshelf space to rent. This is my MIL’s first Christmas tree of her very own. My husband and I helped put it up, and I made her many ornaments.

The sign I made for the top of my shelf. Thinking about signage for the booth...

I love all the “Jesus” things about Christmas. I love the extra visiting with family. I love the cookies (I just had to make that clear). But when I stop to think that Christ left heaven to humbly dwell among men, it takes my breath away. Don’t ignore Him on His birthday. Trust Him as Saviour, and He will be the best Friend you have ever had.