Sunday, September 6, 2020

{Post 1,724} Anticipating Fall


Fall is my favorite season. I got down my two boxes from the attic and put up most of my decorations. I still have a few things to find. My decor is all over the house. I hope to consolidate it soon. Since all but one of my kids have moved out, I have empty bedroom closets to use. I am going to put seasonal things in one, kids toys in one, games for teens and up in one, and shower/reception things in another. That does not include my craft room in the basement or my sewing room upstairs (that doesn’t have a closet since my husband and I still use the master bedroom, and we each have a closet right before one enters the bathroom).

Anywho, here are my areas fit for public inspection. I have little signs, wreaths, and table vignettes other places, but these are my main decorating areas.

This is our foyer, what you see when you enter our home. The bottom right section is an opening under a drawer. It is hard to see in the picture since it is painted black.

This is in the kitchen, on our sideboard.

These two are in the living room. A console table and the mantle/shelf above the sofa.

Well, that should be enough orange for you today.