Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pineapple Blossom Workshop

Here is my chain-pieced pile falling off my lap onto the floor at the workshop.

Here is my stack chain-pieced behind my sewing machine.  Progress!!

Here is Bonnie in the middle with me and Susanna.  Bonnie said she likes pictures where people look like they are having a great time.  Do WE look like we were having a great time??
The day before we left, I saw our sewing machine foot on the ironing board.  I was thinking, "that is going to get lost".  So I put it in a safe place.  Of course, I could not remember where that place was, so we had to use the walking foot on the machine.  I used that one since it would be more difficult that using my Janome.  So my progress was slow.  Susanna got 18 blocks completed.  I was working on 30.  I got all but the last cream triangle sewn on.

We had a fantastic time.  Bonnie is the best.  I am her greatest fan.  Bought her newest book after seeing the quilts in person.

What a quilting inspiration!


Franklin Trunk Show

These are just my favorites of all the great quilts Bonnie showed us last night.  I would like to make a couple of these.

Bricks in the Barnyard:

Fair and Square:

Hexagon Project:

Close up of Tiny Log Cabins:

Whole Log Cabin quilt--paper pieced:


Smith Mountain Morning:

We had a fun time chatting with Bonnie, seeing her lovely quilts, etc.

When we got back to the hotel, we cut out Susanna's quilt kit for tomorrow.  Well, she cut it while I worked on her next quilt (that's my girl!)...


Traveling to Trunk Show and Workshop

Susanna and I took a little road trip to see Bonnie Hunter's trunk show and participate in a Pineapple Blossom workshop of hers today.

I am dividing the trip into the way up there, the trunk show, and the workshop.

The drive up was so beautiful.  The majesty of the Smoky Mountains was all around us.  I hand quilted a runner on the way up.  We saw such beauty.

The exit ramp side areas were planted with daffodils.  Most of them were in bloom. 

Next...the trunk show!