Wednesday, May 6, 2015

{Post 1,478} Red Zinger Finished and Labeled

This is my Red Zinger quilt, made from selvages and a favorite red Thimbleberries print.  It is 74" square.

A pic of the front and back, then a close-up of the back so you can appreciate my amateur machine quilting skills (this is a joke!).  I used cream thread on the selvages in a tight stipple, a feather in the border, and a specially-designed-by-me freehand design in the X's.

{Post 1,477} Move It, Move It, Move It

Fifty-six crumb blocks (4-1/2" unfinished) made so far.  Many, many in process.  

Last night I started playing around with settings.  There are legion.

Here are 4 I started with to get an idea of how these would play together.  The lighting is harsh...canned lights right above the edge of the design wall.  Not a lot of space in here for my 4' x 8' design walls.

Which one do you like best?  I have a few more ideas, but not enough blocks yet to implement them.

Monday, May 4, 2015

{Post 1,476} Sew Many Posts in a Row!

Is this truly my third post in 3 days?  Maybe I'm back!!

Here is a quilt top I'm machine quilting to give as a gift to a friend who is going to visit on Friday from Colorado.  I haven't seen her for a couple years.  She's the kind of friend that I just continue a conversation with as if I'd seen her yesterday.

This is my Red Zinger selvage top.  Click on the link to see all posts about the Red Zinger.

I came up with a unique design to quilt in the red X's.  The same shape appears in all 4 "arms" and they connect in the middle of the X.  I used red thread on red fabric, so I have a flashlight shining on it to get a good picture.  Hope you can see it!

I like the quilting I've done so far.  I used cream thread first and went through and stipple quilted all the selvage blocks, with a big feather in the border selvages.  Now I'm going back and doing the above design in all the arms plus a back and forth kinda squared off chain in the inner border in red.  I'm pleased with it.  Will show a pic of the whole thing when I finish, which I hope will be tomorrow.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

{Post 1,475} More Crumb HSTs

Had trouble sleeping at 11 PM or so tonight (it's after 2:30 AM), so I got up and pieced some more HST crumb blocks a la Scraps a Plenty.

After taking this picture I pieced 8 more.  Each little block is 4-1/2" square unfinished.  This represents a chunk 16" tall by 36" wide.  Many more to go, but I have a big stack of pieces pressed and trimmed for adding on more units.  This is fun, but takes a long time.  It's kind of mindless sewing, so it is fun and relaxing.  Looking forward to seeing the finished product, as usual (way early).