Friday, May 13, 2011

Top Border on TMH

I'd rather sew than eat.  There--got that off my chest.

Here is the This Mother's Heart with the top border in place.  This is going to be a busy weekend, so I probably won't be doing any more hand sewing, but I can always hope!!

I didn't smooth out all the "wrinkles" against the design wall, but I was losing daylight to take a picture.

Off to play with the puppy...


This Mother's Heart Border Blocks Started

This has been a  fun quilt to make.  I had 49 finished blocks and decided to lay them out for color placement.  I set them 6 x 8 (so I have one to use for a signature block on the back).  That made the dimensions 48" by 64". 

I decided to make half blocks to put around the side so the ring of four hearts will be complete.  I am selecting colors one at a time and working my way around.  That will make the finished size 64" x 80" without any borders.

In the above pic, you can see that I nearly have the top row completed.  The block halves have not yet been sewn together.  I have been giving our yearly achievement tests, so I have done some hand sewing this AM.  Basically I am setting timers for each of the kids and monitoring to make sure they are honest. 

We are "keeping" two extra girls now (14 and 10).  They've been here for a week and will be with us at least another week.  Long story, but their parents cannot/will not care for them at this time.  It is not hard, just different.  My own girls have helped out a lot with them and will be even more in the next couple of days.  Elisabeth has graciously given up her room.  She is working about an hour from home this coming week, and a church family has offered to let her stay with them so she will be closer to work.  Thank God for helpful friends!  My husband is so big-hearted.  He made sure I was getting the girls any clothing, toiletries, etc., that they need and to do what I can to make them feel at home.  He is a blessing to me!!


New Pepper Shots

She's growing!!  Above is the day we got Pepper, April 1, 2011.  Notice that she is sort of sitting in the crook of my husband's elbow, and her head is under his chin.

Below is today...about six weeks later.  She has been so snippy and snapping at everything when you try to pet her.  Is this normal puppy behavior?  The picture below looks normal.  But look at the two below it...those are my dud pictures, when she was moving around so much that she was a blur!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Retreat Progress

I went along with my husband on a business meeting to Tampa, FL last week, Tuesday thru Friday.  I took along some Hearts & Gizzards (This Mother's Heart) blocks to hand applique while I wiled away the hours not doing laundry, not cooking, and not doing math lessons.  I didn't realize I'd be spending my time sniffing, sneezing, coughing, and feeling like a cheese grater had been passed over my throat repeatedly. 

But I digress...I finished 18 more of these blocks, bringing me over halfway to my goal of 81 blocks.  I need to add some more colors, and that's why I laid out the blocks although they are not all finished.  I can see what I have an overload of and what is yet needed.  I have several that did not make it to the wall...46 finished in all.

In other breaking news, Pepper had a vet appointment today.  Her weight has increased 50% in 3 least I didn't just THINK she was getting bigger.  Susie forgot to ask the vet if that meant she was nearly finished growing or just on a roll.  As with all else, time will tell. new pics of pup.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Edge of Snowball Quilt

I have done precious little sewing recently, but having a sinus infection allowed me to stay home from church this AM and PM.  That being the case, I spent about 45 minutes tonight adding my outer pieced border on my snowball quilt.  I might trim the size of the squares in half then add my other borders. 

~Joan, the stuffy one