Friday, June 13, 2008

An Apple A Day...

Above is an up-to-the-minute picture of my Seeds of Kindness quilt. I've sewn on it in the last few days. Plus, I've finished cutting out all my donation pieces. In case you just started reading my blog...this is an apple core charm quilt. I threw all dignity aside some time ago and begged for scraps from others. Not just any scraps. I am a scrap snob for this quilt. Only Thimbleberries (new or vintage) will do.

If you click on "seeds of kindness" at the bottom of the post, Blogger will bring up all the posts on this project. It truly is growing. I remember way back when it was 4 lonely apple cores, and look at my baby now! Eighteen rows by 16 rows, and more to come! This is about 52" wide and a little shorter.

I think it's looking great. If you're afraid to make a scrap quilt, study this and others carefully. Notice that the extreme darks and lights are spread out over the quilt? That keeps you from looking at the dark (or light) blob and wondering why they are so attention-getting. I even have a few huge florals, but they don't call attention to themselves because they are far away from their friends!

Donations are still welcome. Your scrap needs to be at least 4" x 5". Email me for details!

The farthest right column is not sewn all the way down. It's a little less than halfway.