Saturday, March 22, 2014

{Post 1,338} Moving This and That

Amazingly enough, the gi are all hemmed and ready to be returned.  I hope to get a lot more as the days go on.  Easy money for me.

I did some rearranging since I was on a roll with the sewing stuff.  I figured since my youngest and I were the only ones home, it would be easiest to do it now.  He was a huge help and accepts payment in milkshakes.

Below is a space where I hope to put one of my fabric bookshelves.  When I cleared out my sewing room to make way for my daughter's new bedroom (the renovation you are probably tired of reading about), I sent a fabric bookshelf and many boxes of books to my daughter in Florida, thinking I would have built-in bookshelves in my new sewing room (that I know now isn't going to happen).  So I have to find space for all those bolts that were on the 2nd bookshelf.  Not to worry...I have a plan.

Here's my ironing station.  I put it where my cutting table used to be.  It is narrower, allowing more walk-through space between it and my bed.  I added the two black plastic crates in the middle.  Not only do they support my ironing station better, but I can put all my quilt books, magazines, and single patterns in there, freeing up another shelf elsewhere.  If I find my leftover green curtain fabric and have enough (it is over 10 years old), I have a plan for making curtains to hide the multitude of drawers and whatnot in here.

When I was originally picturing my new set-up, I thought I'd have to sacrifice my L-shaped sewing table.  Years ago, my husband cut a hole the exact shape of my sewing machine base in the left side, and it now rests on what was supposed to be the keyboard drawer.  It is the perfect height for a large flat-bed area for machine quilting.  With being able to keep the whole table (instead of taking off one leg of the "L"), I can keep my laptop set up in here for blogging, grading school work, and watching the occasional movie or listening to live-streamed music. 

My cutting table.  My husband made me a riser for it, and that has saved me so much backache, I'm sure.  Next to it is an empty *gasp* 3-drawer unit.

Here is the ugliness under that table.  Thank God for curtains!!  The pizza boxes have watercolor squares in them by fabric.  The center two boxes on top have mailing supplies and special fabric collections.  The drawers have a multitude of precut triangles and squares, binding pieces, templates, and the like.  I hope to clean out this whole area as I go through and purge and straighten.  If I need the space, I plan to raise that shelf 4" and put bolts of fabric sideways up there.  We will see.

Friday, March 21, 2014

{Post 1,337} Beginning of Sewing Room Space

Here is one of my bookshelves I used to keep many things stored in downstairs.  I am going to take off the bottom curtain and store bolts of fabric in the bottom.  The top will hold my books and individual patterns.  I will be giving away a lot of books and magazines in the future for postage only.  Stay tuned!  

On top of the file cabinet on the left is a small 6-drawer set.  It holds trim, thimbles, notions, sewing machine feet, machine quilting supplies, needles, etc.  All neatly labeled for easy access.

Last night my husband attached my cone and spool holders on the side.  I am going for maximum storage in minimum space.  I'd like to get everything except my quilt frame in my bedroom.  It used to be in a 24' x 18' room, so wish me luck!!  For some reason I find this challenge hilariously impossible.  Baby steps!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

{Post 1,336} Gi...'s what's piled on the bed.  My oldest 3 children have karate classes at least twice a week.  Gi (pronounced with a hard "G" like in "get") are their outfits...jackets and pants.  I have 18 pieces to hem before Monday.  A few need to be done for Saturday.  As in the day after tomorrow Saturday.  I have a hemming service for their dojo ("place of learning").

I told my husband I'd have to set up a sweat shop in the kitchen where the lighting is better.  He came up with the lighting in the first picture.  I am happy to say that gi #1 is nearly finished!  I might be able to piece in this light!!  Many more gi to go though!