Saturday, April 5, 2014

{Post 1,344} That's It?

I have a love/hate relationship with learning new things.  Recently my pastor and his son were both able to buy 4 new suits.  I told them not to have alterations done at the store...I would do them for free.  I had never hemmed men's suit jacket sleeves, let alone 8 jackets' worth.  Have you?  

So I did what any modern woman would do...I Googled it.  There were not many to choose from.  One had only music (no monologue) but had great pictures.  Now that I've actually done a jacket, I can understand the video, but a lot of good that did before I found a good tutorial.

My first sleeve (not jacket...just a solitary sleeve) took 2 hours.  Yes, TWO hours.  The second only took ONE.  It is a tedious process.  But I have always enjoyed meticulous sewing.

Here is the tutorial in case someone else has need.

One reason it took so long the first time was that I had to keep watching the video to make sure I had all the steps in order.  Never had to look at it for the second one.  I hope to do the other 3 jackets early this coming week...before I forget what to do!  I also want to make sure this length is perfect before beginning the process on the others.  

Monday, March 31, 2014

{Post 1,343} Pegboard Up And Nearly Full

I bought one pegboard hardware kit at the hardware store.  It was more than enough for all I need so far.  The above arrangement will have some tweaking, I'm sure.  

So happy to realize that there were "shelf brackets" for me to set my basket of misc. stuff on!  

I had the idea of using a skirt hanger to keep my in process blocks hung on.  I can always move those if I run out of room.  

I decided against hanging my rulers on there.  If I keep them to the left on the rack, I can access any one of them without removing those in front of it (if they were hanging).  Very pleased with it so far.

I also had the idea of putting a vinyl clip on my steno notebook that I use for note taking all the time in the process of counting pieces, planning designs, etc.  It looks like it will work very well.

{Post 1,342} More Sewing Area Updates

The above picture is my completely empty pegboard.  Let's see how it will look afterwards!  I hope to keep most of the stuff on my cutting table on there.  I painted it the same color as the wall.

Next up is one more spool rack I got in GA this past weekend.  It will help me empty one more drawer.

One last picture from the wedding.  Susie made her dress.  This is with her parents (me & Wes) and her husband's parents.

{Post 1,341} Susie is Married

My daughter, Susie, got married in GA this past Saturday.  I wish her many years of wedded bliss.