Friday, May 31, 2013

{Post 1,180} Chalkboard Ideas

Yesterday I did a little redecorating at the Parker ranchero. We were going out for salads with a couple.  It was the husband's birthday.  Can you guess his name?

The above sign was made at the last minute.  I had things to do inside!  I "shopped my house" for all these items and come up with a patriotic mantle.  A little early, but our friends were coming over (and the Valentine mantle had to go) as well as my daughter is coming today.  

Here's a little patriotic decor to inspire you:

I got the chalkboard idea from a picture I saw from a woman who designs "chalkboard" printouts on Photoshop.  Mine is hand drawn (evident by the variation in the letter size!).  

Those shutters might never come down from the mantle.  I am making a couple patriotic wreaths some time soon.

Now it's outside to plant a few annuals and a lovely white digitalis/foxglove plant I procured yesterday.